Get to Know Alyssa Henderson, PA at Skin Pharm Dallas

Get to Know Alyssa Henderson, PA at Skin Pharm Dallas

Get to know Alyssa Henderson, PA at Skin Pharm in Dallas.

How did I get into this career?

My first major was marketing, and after one internship my freshmen year of college, I quickly realized it was not for me. While evaluating a new major, I enrolled in biology 101 and discovered I not only enjoyed the material, but was quite good at it, as well. It was that course that led me to research different paths in medicine, and ultimately my mom who suggested I look into the PA profession. The more I learned about the career and the more medical experience I gained, the more I fell in love with it!

As I was applying to a PA program and accruing patient care hours, I worked as a medical assistant at urgent care and dermatology practices. Working in the dermatology practice sparked my interest in skin care and aesthetic procedures. After PA school, I followed my passion for the field and took my first job working in general and surgical dermatology in Augusta, Georgia. I am incredibly grateful for my time there, as I gained knowledge and experience across a broad range of dermatology conditions and procedures, but I was still missing the artistic side of aesthetics. Finally, when I moved to Dallas, Texas to be with my fiancé, I was able to begin pursuing my passion for more aesthetic dermatology.

How did I end up at Skin Pharm?

Skin Pharm has been on my radar for some time. I have close friends who work in the Atlanta office and I’ve followed Maegan and Skin Pharm on Instagram for a few years now. I wasn’t searching for a new job, but when Meagan reached out and informed me they were opening a new Dallas office, it was too good an opportunity to pass up and I knew I had to join the team!

What do I like to do when I’m not at Skin Pharm?

Cooking and eating. I was a nutrition science major and I’ve always loved food. Whether it’s cooking a new recipe at home or trying the newest hot spot, food is a passion of mine. I also love to stay active – you can find me on the Peloton, hiking or trying a fun new workout class.

Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes. In light of COVID, I am very excited to start traveling again, because I still have a lot of place left on my travel list, particularly Europe.

Finally, I have a bernedoodle named Hobbs who is 6 months old, who keeps me busy and loves long walks. He is the sweetest, fluffiest pup and brings me so much joy!

What do I wish I had done when I was younger to protect my skin?

I wish I didn’t use the Clean & Clear morning burst wash, which in hindsight was too harsh for my sensitive face! Many commercials lead us to believe this harsh wash is doing a “deep clean” – however, in reality it’s stripping our skin barrier, which is just no good (especially if you have sensitive skin like me).

My parents grew up in South Florida, and experienced the damaging effects of the sun first-hand, so they taught my sister and I at an early age to always wear sunscreen. It may come as no surprise, but I’ve always been obsessed with skin care and can remember wearing SPF in my moisturizer since I was 10 years old. Guess I ended up where I am supposed to be!

What do I hope for my patients?

Overall, I hope that my patients have a wonderful experience and are happy with their results! The way someone feels about their external appearance is very personal and that aspect is important to me as I help them reach their skin treatment goals. When you can improve one’s self confidence and self-perception, you can see a positive shift in one’s mental health which is one of the most rewarding aspects of aesthetics – and the most fun!


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