Get to Know Kathryn Seeger, NP at Skin Pharm Atlanta

Get to Know Kathryn Seeger, NP at Skin Pharm Atlanta

Get to know Kathryn Seeger, NP at Skin Pharm in Atlanta.

How did I even get into nursing?

My path to this career is definitely more straightforward than most, since I have known that I wanted to pursue dermatology since a young age. I owe my love of dermatology to my childhood dermatologist, who always made me feel comfortable in my skin during my most vulnerable of times as an acne-prone adolescent. As much as I cringe at my pictures during that stage of my life (middle school was not my finest era), she truly had a way of making me feel my most confident self when my skin was clearest.

My childhood desire to become a dermatologist transitioned during my pre-medical studies in college, where I shadowed a wide variety of medical professionals and resonated most with the nurse practitioner role. I loved the patient-centered, holistic health care approach that the nursing profession embodied, so I applied to nursing graduate school to pursue that career path.

During graduate school, I strove to gain dermatology experience in any way that I could outside of the classroom. Cosmetic dermatology is not necessarily part of a graduate school curriculum, so I sought out opportunities to immerse myself in the field and gain foundational knowledge to kick-start my career after graduation. Between shadowing, purchasing aesthetic and dermatology textbooks, working through online training modules, attending local dermatology conferences and scouring social media accounts, I built my knowledge base and fostered my passion for the industry.

Although I always thought that medical dermatology was the specialty I wanted to pursue, the more exposure and experience I obtained in cosmetic dermatology, the more I fell in love with the field. As I shadowed, I developed a passion for medical aesthetics for two primary reasons: I could empower clients to look and feel like their most confident selves, and I could constantly challenge myself as a provider in a field of continual learning and development. Just as those factors drove me into this career, they continue to motivate me, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to show up for my clients as their provider and live out my childhood aspiration on a daily basis.

How did I end up at Skin Pharm?

Living in both Nashville and Atlanta, I was introduced to Skin Pharm through word-of-mouth, as the practice has an unmatched reputation in both of these cities. During my time in graduate school, I started following various medical aesthetic social media accounts that were education-focused, most of which were Skin Pharm accounts. Of all the resources I sought out, my favorite resource was Carly Smith’s weekly skinny Q+A on Instagram. I tuned in every week to learn her approach to treatments for everything from acne to pigment to neurotoxin injection patterns – and even filler techniques! Both her personal account and the other Skin Pharm provider accounts collectively taught me so much about the industry and inspired me as an aspiring nurse practitioner in the field.

When Skin Pharm expanded to Atlanta, I continued to follow their growth and established connections with the team. Fast-forward two and a half years, having established myself as an experienced dermatology provider, I was presented with the opportunity to take the next step in my career as a Skin Pharm provider. I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge that the providers have shared with me over the years on their accounts. Now I’m so excited to take on that role and share my expertise with my followers and patients as a Skin Pharm provider myself!

What do I like to do when I’m not at Skin Pharm?

When I’m not at Skin Pharm, you can find me either eating, traveling or exercising!

Coming from a family of foodies, I absolutely love exploring the culinary scene around Atlanta and other cities I visit. Sushi and Italian are my favorites, but there are few foods that I will not try. (And I love discovering new restaurants, too!) My fiancé, Chris, and I also love cooking at home together with a glass of red wine in hand. I will admit he is a much better chef than me, but my baking takes the cake – no pun intended!

Traveling is another passion of mine, as I love exploring new places, learning new cultures and who doesn't love a good vacation?! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many places around the world, but my favorite place to travel is Chatham in Cape Cod. You’ll find me there every summer spending time with family and friends!

Finally, I am a health nut and absolutely love staying active. I am always exploring different fitness studios around Atlanta – barre, pilates, spin, hot yoga, boxing, bootcamp, you name it, I am there! I also have a Peloton at home, so you can find me on the leaderboard in the evenings! I started teaching barre fitness classes at a local Atlanta studio during graduate school and have continued as a part-time fitness instructor on my days off and weekends. You can find Chris and I walking our sweet dog Scotch together any chance we get, too!

What do I wish I had done when I was younger to protect my skin?

One word: Sunscreen.

I seemed to think when I was younger that my ultimate goal each summer was to get as tan as possible and I would do anything to achieve that goal. Many sunburns and tanning oil uses later, I am paying for my time in the sun through skin biopsies, aggressive skin care regimens, and BBL treatments for my pigment. Now, you won’t see me leave the house without my SPF on and a hat within arms’ reach. My dad loves to tease me that I gave him the absolute hardest time about sunscreen when I was younger and now I work in dermatology – They say your parents know best, and I will admit (maybe this one time) that he was definitely right! 

What do I hope for my patients?

I hope that my patients have an unforgettable experience in my clinic, which translates to transformed skin and confidence once they leave my treatment chair. There is nothing more rewarding for me than guiding a client through her journey from assessment to treatment planning to a photo reveal and finally to the point where her ultimate skin goals are achieved. My hope as a provider is that this journey is just as rewarding for my patients as it is for me!

I also hope that my patients feel empowered after their interactions with me, as I strive to always provide an educational experience through which clients feel equipped to make an informed decision about the treatment plan they would like to pursue. I constantly seek learning opportunities to bring the best practices to my clinic, which I hope my patients are able to recognize so they feel confident in out treatment plan and satisfied with their outcome!


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