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Get to Know Brittany Shannon, NP at Skin Pharm Nashville

Ask Skin Pharm, Get to Know Us
Get to Know Brittany Shannon, NP at Skin Pharm Nashville

How did you get into this career?

I have to begin by expressing my love and gratitude for my Dermatologist back home in Birmingham, AL. Not many people can say that they liked going to the doctor as a teenager, but I certainly did. I enjoyed the clean aesthetic, my Dermatologist’s presence and the confidence that was instilled in me after each visit. As an adolescent, I was insecure about my red cheeks, freckles and acne, but she made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m grateful to her for having those experiences – and for sparking my interest in Dermatology at a young age!

I grew up categorizing myself as right-brained – I was always very studious. Biology was my favorite subject in high school, I nailed all of my calculus exams and I LOVED anatomy and physiology. I can remember the days of nursing school where we would learn each body system in depth. My attention always heightened when we would discuss the integumentary system (aka – all things skin). I realized that I enjoyed learning about the largest organ in our body, the regulator of temperature and our barrier to the outside world. In class, we’d only touch on the basics of skin anatomy, diseases and disorders. I wanted so much more! So, I would watch videos, find scholarly journals and study the integumentary chapters in depth. I took it upon myself to learn and retain more, which I’m thankful for.

Now let’s talk about the left side of my brain – the creative side. Growing up, I was involved in show choir, art, sculpture… now I try to find any outlet for my creativity. I still love to sing, paint and take pottery classes. That’s what drew me to cosmetic dermatology, a career that allows me to utilize both the right and left sides of my brain. I am beyond excited to work at Skin Pharm, where my creative visions become reality.

How did I end up at Skin Pharm?

Skin Pharm was introduced to me by a dear friend years ago. I had just started graduate school and my friend and I were discussing my career goals. I told her of my love and passion for Dermatology and that’s when she told me about the founder of Skin Pharm and fellow Nurse Practitioner, Maegan Griffin.

I started following Maegan and Skin Pharm on social media and fell in love with learning about the treatments and skin care products they offer. As soon as my husband and I moved back to Nashville, I became a patient at Skin Pharm. I can not preach enough about the success my skin has had ever since!

As a patient, I watched the business grow over the years and said to myself, “I have to work here!” It took time; I continued to reach out, apply and never gave up. I am where I am now because I worked hard to grow as a provider, was persistent in my career path and maintained a positive mindset throughout. Skin Pharm has been a dream of mine, and I am grateful that I now get to call it my work home!

What do I like to do when I am not at Skin Pharm?

I try to do all things that fill my bucket. Spend quality time with my husband, Charlie, and golden retriever, Hudson. Hang out with my friends and family (I have a large family and consider them some of my best friends). Exercise – whether it is yoga, Pilates, hiking or walking my dog – I just have to keep moving in order to feel accomplished and gain a peaceful mindset. I love to paint when I can, read a good novel, listen to inspiring or funny podcasts and stay grounded through meditation.

I also love to cook and bake. My husband and I have a passion for food, and we’re a good team in the kitchen. We like to create new meals and have dinner parties – come join us sometime! The foodie in me also loves a good dining experience. If there’s a new restaurant in town, I must try it!

All in all, I just try to do anything that brings me peace and happiness. 🙂

What do I wish that I had done when I was younger to protect my skin?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I think that’s a common answer to this question, but it is so true. My pale, freckle-prone skin needed protection from the sun. I would wear SPF to the pool or beach, but never daily. WARNING – I remember a time at the beach that I coated my skin in baby oil because “all my friends were doing it.” Well, I ended up looking like a lobster and peeling for weeks. I regret those times, but fast-forward to today, and I wear SPF daily. (Skin Pharm’s Sheer Defense, to be exact – it’s amazing and I highly recommend!)

What do I hope for my patients?

I hope to build trust and a positive relationship with each one of my patients. I want to have conversations about their skin goals and create a plan for how best to achieve them. I strive to bring confidence, happiness and beautiful results to everyone that I treat. Skin Pharm has been an influential addition to my life and my skin health. I hope to make that same impact on others. I want my patients to feel connected to me as a Skin Pharm provider and leave feeling more educated, fulfilled and like the best version of themselves.


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