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Get to Know Chelsie Rogers, PA at Skin Pharm Atlanta

Ask Skin Pharm, Get to Know Us
Get to Know Chelsie Rogers, PA at Skin Pharm Atlanta

How did I get into this career?

To be honest, I am one of those weird people who always knew what career path I wanted to take. Starting around middle school, I became increasingly interested in math and science because it just came natural to me. So, I proceeded to follow all the right paths through college, took a detour from wanting to pursue medical school, and found the amazing career of a Physician Assistant.

My first job out of PA school was in a dermatology practice in Atlanta. Fortunately, I was able to train in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. I quickly became obsessed with the aesthetic side of medicine once I saw how much improving someone’s appearance, whether through skin care or cosmetic enhancements, could boost one’s confidence. Some may think aesthetic medicine is a bit superficial, but it is the one side of medicine where patients can truly observe the work at hand — and the results — with their own eyes, making this career truly rewarding.

How did I end up at Skin Pharm?

I had actually been following Maegan Griffin and Skin Pharm on social media for a little over a year. In late summer of 2019, a friend of mine got engaged, so we went to O-Ku’s rooftop for a casual Monday afternoon happy hour to celebrate. We were the only two on the rooftop until another duo sat down beside us. Enter Maegan Griffin and Skin Pharm’s Marketing Director, Kailey Hall, who just happened to be in town scouting out Atlanta for Skin Pharm’s new location. Of course, after recognizing them, we struck up conversation, and the rest is history!

What do I like to do when I’m not at Skin Pharm?

I am super extroverted and love trying new things around Atlanta. If I’m not taking a spin class or exploring Atlanta’s parks and BeltLine, then you can find me brunching with friends (Atlanta’s food scene is hard to beat). Of course, if you catch me during football season, I’ll 100% be in Athens cheering on the dawgs.

What do I wish I had done when I was younger to protect my skin?

Wear my SPF (obviously!) AND avoid those awful tanning beds. Yep, can’t say I’ve been the absolute best when it comes to my skin’s history, but it’s never too late to jump into a skin care routine to protect and nourish your body’s largest organ.

What do I hope for my patients?

I’m a huge advocate for taking care of your skin and aging gracefully. I love seeing my patient’s skin transformations and how that alone can increase their self-confidence and boost their mental health. I advise all my patients on how skin care is the most important foundation for anti-aging. Once we get on a great routine, I then advise them on both invasive and noninvasive treatments to help maintain their youth and enhance their appearance, yet keep them looking like themselves. I’m each patient’s biggest cheerleader, because I genuinely want them to feel great and love the skin they’re in.



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