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Get to Know Clare Taylor, NP at Skin Pharm Atlanta

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Get to Know Clare Taylor, NP at Skin Pharm Atlanta

How did I even get into nursing?

I believe my love for the aesthetic and dermatology field started at a very young age when I would watch my mother and grandmother diligently care for their skin. I loved to watch them apply their makeup — you could always find me knee-deep in their makeup and products! This passion grew as I learned more about facial anatomy, the pathophysiology of dermatological conditions and the vast medical, psychosocial and cosmetic benefits of indicated treatments and procedures.

I received my Nurse Practitioner (NP) degree with extensive primary care and endocrinology training from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019. I am board certified through and a member of The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. I am also a member of the National Honors Societies Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Theta Tau.

I have an 11+ year Registered Nurse background in the intensive care unit and plastic surgery specialties, which prepared me for my career by instilling a high level of critical thinking, holistic and detail-oriented patient care, and a genuine responsibility to lend my gifts of compassion and discernment to all my patients. While working in plastic surgery, I developed a strong drive and passion to pursue a career in this industry in an advanced provider role.

I stumbled upon Skin Pharm (blessings!) and was so impressed with the way the services and products truly combine cosmetics with dermatology. The professionalism of staff and providers combined with a unique and fun work culture is unparalleled. I prayed and believed I had to get involved with this company! After meeting Maegan Griffin in Atlanta, I was hired as Skin Pharm’s first Atlanta provider in September 2019 — a dream come true.

My favorite product is Skin Pharm’s Youth Serum, and my favorite services are neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau) and microneedling with PRP. Being able to see such a positive change in patients so quickly after providing services is literally my life’s purpose in action. To see people — men and women — feel that the way they look on the outside reflects how they feel on the inside is truly moving. When you feel this confident, you can better impact your world in bold ways. It is my goal to enhance each patient’s natural aesthetic in the ways that they voice their desire, not the other way around. Natural-looking cosmetic enhancements are a true art form and good skin happens over time. I can’t wait to lead and help each patient along this journey!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, working out, exploring and trying new food in our city with my husband and our dog! My husband is a cancer survivor and we are passionate about supporting and bringing more awareness to this topic through our podcast, One Percent, and events around the U.S.


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