How to Have the Best Summer Ever for You and Your Skin

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How to Have the Best Summer Ever for You and Your Skin

Summertime — it’s everyone’s favorite time of year! But before you dash outside to show off your new hot bikini (and your hot bikini bod), we have some tips to make this the best summer yet for your skin.

First of all, I can’t repeat it enough — you need to wear sunscreen all day, every day! This includes cloudy days and days you think you’ll be covered. Chances are, if you walk out your front door at some point during the day, your skin will be exposed to sun. We all love our Vitamin D, but we want you to enjoy it safely.

Swing by our shop at Skin Pharm and pick up one of the following options: 100% Mineral Tinted or Sheer Defense. 100% Mineral Tinted is best for dry, normal and sensitive skin types while Sheer Defense is best for oily skin. 

OK, now that you’re covered — literally — let’s talk about what skincare procedures you may want to consider during the summer months, and how summertime can affect those treatments.

  • Botox and fillers are great for every season, and you don’t need to worry about avoiding the elements after your appointment (you’ll still need to apply that SPF, though!).
  • BBL photofacials are also popular during the summer, but you’ll need to avoid direct sun exposure and spray tans two weeks before and after treatment. We’d hate to have to reschedule your appointment, so be mindful of this when you plan to see us!
  • If you’re hooked on chemical peels or microneedling (we are), you will need to avoid direct sunlight for the 24-72 hours before and after your treatment as your skin will be in healing mode. This varies depending on depth of treatment, so feel free to ask us post-treatment if you want to be on the safe side! 

If you come to the office for your scheduled appointment with a sunburn, we won’t be able to do any of these procedures on you, unfortunately! Also, you might get a (friendly) lecture about sunscreen!

Patients often ask us if they need to change their skincare routines during the summer. If your skin tends to get more oily this time of year, you may need to switch from heavy lotions and creams to serums and lighter lotions. If you’re using products containing AHAs, BHAs and retinoids, be aware that these can cause photosensitivity, giving you yet another reason to lather on that SPF and spend some time in the shade. 

On days you plan to be outside for extended periods of time, remember to wear sun-protective clothing (as if you needed an excuse to buy that chic wide-brimmed hat). Increase your water intake so you don’t get dehydrated, as that doesn’t look good on anybody. If you do find your skin is a little parched or fried at the end of the day, do some damage control with our Recovery Lotion to heal your skin, or by spritzing yourself with Avene Mist.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 615-582-6726 or schedule an appointment. Cheers to the best summer ever!


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