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I Took My Skin to Skin Pharm, and the Results Were Crazy!

Ask Skin Pharm, Give Me All the Products, How to Be Young Forever, Treatments? What Are Those
I Took My Skin to Skin Pharm, and the Results Were Crazy!

Perhaps you’ve been following Skin Pharm (and our fabulous providers) on Instagram for a while, so you’re aware of the products and services we offer. Maybe you’ve even purchased some of our skin care products or received something as a gift. (Lucky you!)

If you’re new and curious to learn more about how Skin Pharm can help you achieve your skin care goals, we suggest starting with scheduling a consult. Here’s why.

1. Navigating your options on your own can be overwhelming.

At Skin Pharm, we offer clinical but clean formulas powered by ingredients that are proven by science to transform your skin. However, in order for us to best treat your skin, we need to have a conversation with you. We need to learn more about what your personal skin goals are, what products you’re currently using, what procedures you’ve tried and what plan will best fit your lifestyle.

2. We make it easy through phone or in-person consultations.

Scheduling a consult is easy! Just call our office (615) 582-6726 for Nashville or (404) 314-4545 for Atlanta) or book an appointment here. Our Aesthetic Liaison will schedule you with one of our amazing providers, who will call you at the scheduled time and discuss your concerns and goals. They will come up with a personalized skin care routine for you. After the phone consult, one of our Aesthetic Liaisons will immediately call you and process your purchases. Our team will ship your products, and you’re on your way to healthy, glowing skin!

3. You’ll get to discuss your skin concerns and goals with a medical professional.

At both Skin Pharm locations — Nashville and Atlanta — our providers are APPs (advanced practice providers). Just like you can use telehealth to talk to your doctor, our consults allow you to talk with a medical professional about your skin. If you live in Georgia or Tennessee, we can even prescribe you our prescription-strength topicals over the phone!

4. Identifying — and consistently using — the right products and services can save you time and money in the long run.

The price of a phone consult is $125, but that cost goes toward any product you purchase at Skin Pharm. Think about how many times you’ve purchased an expensive serum or a “miracle” wrinkle cream that left you disappointed. Consider all the money you’ve wasted on underwhelming products that didn’t work, or that exacerbated breakouts or redness (or, worse, further damaged your skin). A Skin Pharm consult will pay off in the long run. Remember that it can take time for your skin to adjust to a new product (particularly retinols and lightening agents), so for optimal results, you’ll need to use the right products consistently for at least three months. Transformations don’t happen overnight, but they’re worth the wait.


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