Safe Chemical Peels That Everyone Should Try

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Safe Chemical Peels That Everyone Should Try

Looking for a quick, easy way to get rid of the dull skin that’s weighing you down? Sounds like it’s time to try a superficial chemical peel!

Chemical peels are non-surgical treatments using different types of acids to treat a variety of skin concerns including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne. Chemical peels break down the top layers of the epidermis — hence, the peel! — improving texture and uneven skin tone. The result? Glowy, smooth skin.

What is a superficial chemical peel and how does it work?

Unlike our medium chemical peels, a superficial peel is a quick fix you can easily fit in your busy schedule — that’s why we call it our lunchtime peel! Superficial peels use plant-based alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) including lactic and glycolic acids to gently remove the superficial layers of the skin. This chemical exfoliation removes the dead skin that makes your skin look dull and encourages new cells to emerge to the surface, improving the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Our lunchtime peel works for all skin types, even dry and sensitive.

What does it feel like?

You may experience tingling, tightness or a little heat on your skin during the lunchtime peel, but patients report that it’s not painful. Your skin may be a little red, irritated and dry immediately following the procedure, and your skin may be a little darker for up to a week. You can resume your normal skin care routine and activities after the peel (we do advise that you avoid exercising, hot tubs and saunas for 24 hours). You can generally wear makeup the next day, and always wear your SPF as your skin may be more sensitive to the sun after a peel.

What results can I expect and how long do they last?

Getting rid of those layers of dull, dead skin allows brighter, smoother skin to emerge. You’ll notice improved skin tone and texture and tighter pores. Results last about 1-2 months. Scheduling a series of chemical peels can have lasting benefits by helping your skin maintain healthy cellular turnover, a key component to youthful skin. A series of peels can trigger collagen production, reversing the visible signs of aging like fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Also, with the superficial layers of dead skin removed, your topical skin care products can absorb into your skin better, treating your skin more effectively.

Questions? Give us a call at (615) 582-6726 (Nashville office) or (404) 314-4545 (Atlanta office) or book an appointment here.


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