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6 Best Skin Care Sets They’ll Love

6 Best Skin Care Sets They’ll Love

Looking for the perfect skin care set for someone on your list?

Whether it’s their birthday, the holidays or just because, we have six options that are sure to help anyone reach their goals or tackle their specific skin concern. 

1. Glowing Duo

Who doesn’t want radiant skin? Finding a way to bring back that youthful glow is one of the main reasons people seek out new skin care products. Our Glowing Duo perfectly fits that bill with two of our best-selling serums in a single skin care gift set — Youth Serum and Glow Factor.

Our Youth Serum is jam-packed with hyaluronic acid to improve the skin’s hydration. If you’ve never heard of hyaluronic acid, it remains one of the single best products for moisturizing the skin, whether you have dry skin or not. Youth Serum also includes niacinamide, which is effective at firming, brightening and evening out skin tone, and peptides to help diminish the appearance of pores and wrinkles. 

Follow that with Glow Factor, specifically designed to reinvigorate that “honeymoon” glow. The serum harnesses the power of vitamins C and E, alongside ferulic acid, to combat dark spots, oxidative stress and visible signs of aging. It’s like a multivitamin for your skin, giving it what it needs to look and feel its healthiest. 

This magic duo has been called a “must-have” for anyone looking for plumper, younger, radiant skin. 

2. Beauty Rest Kit

Good sleep is crucial, but it isn’t always possible. Making up for lack of quality sleep with skin care products can significantly improve your skin’s appearance.

Enter our Beauty Rest Kit. This nighttime product-based skin care set is excellent for all skin types, but especially those with dry or sensitive skin. It comes with two full-sized products — Night Watch and Face Whip.

Our Night Watch serum features one of the newest and greatest skin care ingredients on the scene — 0.1% HPR (hydroxypinacolone retinoate). HPR is full of anti-aging potential, binding with retinoid receptors without needing to be broken down like other retinols. Night Watch also contains melatonin and vitamins C and E. The result is increased collagen production, a more refined skin surface and balanced oil production without irritation. Your giftee will wake up with their dreamiest skin yet, whether or not they’re sleeping well.

Sharing the spotlight is Face Whip, a luxurious moisturizer full of hyaluronic acid and squalane to trap moisture in the skin for extreme hydration. Face Whip also has ceramides, essential lipids that comprise a large portion of the skin’s all-important moisture barrier. Giving the skin access to additional ceramides helps increase its ability to protect itself, leading to added resiliency.

The duo can help you look like you got your beauty rest without needing the eight hours (although we still recommend it — good sleep is vital!). Combine with a solid eye cream, sheet mask or a depuffing skin care tool, and you’ve just found the perfect gift.

3. Jetsetter Kit

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves to travel? They’ll love our Jetsetter Kit, with two travel-size, TSA-approved skin care products, so they don’t have to leave their self-care at home. We all know how hard travel can be on the skin, after all.

The skin care set has two crucial products — our Foaming Cleanser and Recovery Lotion. After all, just because you’re jet-setting all across the globe doesn’t mean you should take a break from cleansing and moisturizing. The Jetsetter Kit also makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or last-minute holiday gift!

4. Serum Trio

Count on this Serum Trio to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your skin, boost collagen production and increase cellular turnover for a more hydrated, youthful appearance.

Youth Serum is packed with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, honey extract and a bioactive peptide to improve hydration, pores and wrinkles. Glow Factor features 10% vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid to fight oxidative stress, pigment and aging. Lastly, Night Watch is made with 0.1% HPR, melatonin and vitamins C + E to refine the skin’s surface without irritating.

5. Must-Have Duo

Our two must-haves in a set — the Must-Have Duo!

Crystal Clear clarifying pads brighten and tone, while Youth Serum hydrates, plumps, softens and smooths.

6. Youth Duo

This peptide-packed pair is all you need for plump, smooth, hydrated skin.

Both formulated with specialized peptides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, Eye Sculpt fights pesky lines, puffiness and dark circles, while Youth Serum improves hydration, pores, redness and wrinkles. Together, these two comprise our Youth Duo!

To sum things up...

The right skin care set is an excellent gift for anyone on your list — whether they’re new to skin care or have been taking care of their skin for years. We also offer gift cards if the person you’re shopping for prefers to pick out their own products! Everyone deserves beautiful skin, and helping someone get there is sure to get you on the good list all year round.


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