Summer Self-Love with Kitty and Vibe

Summer Self-Love with Kitty and Vibe

With summer in full swing, we called on Cameron Armstrong, founder of Kitty and Vibe swimwear, to chat confidence and self-love in the summer months.

Cameron created Kitty and Vibe to help people feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit — her line has fun prints and colors for every vibe, sizes 0-28 (and cup sizes A-H) and bikini bottoms based on your booty size!

Here, we're digging into skin care as a form of self-love, overcoming unrealistic beauty standards and how total-body and skin confidence can be a daily practice.

We'll let Cameron take it from here!

What’s your favorite Skin Pharm product and why?

High Beam brightening lotion! It feels so comforting on my skin, providing all-day hydration. I've noticed legitimate improvement in the brightness of my skin and feel like the texture has improved, as well as dullness.

Also the Crystal Clear clarifying pads are amazing — they’re a little intense for my skin, so I only use them 1-2x per week on my face and back, but they pack a punch! Feels like they're tightening my pores and detoxing any acne that may be brewing.

How does your skin care routine make you feel?

My skin care routine makes me feel loved. Carving out just 5 minutes to pamper myself in this way feels intentional and well-deserved — it's a moment of peace, reset and comfort that I look forward to each day and night.

Shop Cameron's routine staples below!







What’s your skin care journey been like, and what has Skin Pharm changed for you?

I've dealt with acne on my face and back my whole life — it's been a struggle since the age of 12. I've tried everything on the market (aside from Accutane), and it's been the biggest thing that's hindered my self-confidence. While my flare-ups aren't as severe as they were when I was a teenager, I still have hormonal acne that surfaces each month around my period. I began using Skin Pharm products five months ago and have noticed a steady improvement in my acne ever since. Particularly on my face — the acne is less severe, my pores are tighter and my skin overall is brighter. (I did the BBL photofacial treatment and it got rid of acne scarring I've had for years, too!) I'm so grateful to have Skin Pharm's help to boost my skin confidence.

Any tips or advice on how to feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit (or play dress!) this summer?

Swimsuits have historically been such an anxiety-inducing and stressful product for women, given society's unrealistic beauty standards. Kitty and Vibe exists to throw away those beauty standards and offer an experience that's empowering rather than defeating. We are committed to developing our products hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure we offer the best fit possible. We create a safe space online that's 100% Photoshop-free so you can recognize and celebrate the REAL beauty. Our swim campaigns feature actual Kitty customers, and we proudly showcase a minimum of three different body types on every product page. Here are five tips on how to feel confident in a bikini this summer!

As a fellow female founder, what’s a piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur?

My biggest piece of advice (especially in the early days) is to trust your gut. I found at the beginning of launching Kitty and Vibe, there was ever-present feedback (oftentimes unsolicited) from folks wanting to give their input on what I was building.

While collaboration is beneficial, be sure to stick to your own heart and give yourself permission to tune out the noise when needed. You know your business' mission and goals better than anyone else — trust that!


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