How to Have the Best Summer Ever for You and Your Skin

How to Have the Best Summer Ever for You and Your Skin

Summertime — it’s everyone’s favorite time of year!

But, before you dash outside to soak up all that sunshine, we’ve got a few summer skin care tips that you can use to make this summer the best one yet.

No matter what you do, don’t forget the sunscreen

Summer skin care includes many different components, all designed to help protect and hydrate your skin when it needs it most. While we’ll discuss the elements of a good summer skin care routine, there’s one product that we can’t stress the importance of enough — sunscreen. 

It’s beneficial and vital that you wear sunscreen all day, every day — even on cloudy days and days you’re confident that you won’t get any sun exposure. The truth is that even walking out of your front door exposes your skin to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. We all love our vitamin D, but we want you to be able to enjoy it safely. 

Need a new sunscreen? Swing by our shop and pick up one of our supportive options: 100% Mineral Tinted SPF, Sheer Defense SPF or Clear Defense SPF. If you have a dry, normal or sensitive skin type and want a sunscreen with tinted coverage, 100% Mineral Tinted SPF may be right for you. If you have oily skin but still prefer a little tint in your sunscreen, check out our Sheer Defense SPF. However, if you prefer a non-tinted formula, stick with Clear Defense SPF.

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Summer skin care treatments

Ok, now that you’re covered — literally — let’s talk about summer skin care treatments. While we offer the same treatments all year round, summer weather can absolutely impact their effectiveness and the results you’ll see. So, which treatments should you consider during the summer months?

  • Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers (like Juvaderm, Restylane, and Sculptra) work great in any season. Just remember to apply that SPF according to your provider’s recommendations, though!

  • BBL photofacials remain a popular option during the summertime, but you’ll need to avoid direct sun exposure as well as spray tans for at least two weeks before and after your treatment. Otherwise, we may have to reschedule your appointment so that your skin isn’t as vulnerable and you can get the results you’re looking for.

  • If you love your chemical peels or crave your quarterly microneedling treatments, they can still be just as effective when the temperatures start to rise. However, you will need to avoid direct sunlight for 24-72 hours both before and after your appointment to allow your skin to heal. The exact time your provider will recommend that you wait will vary depending on the depth of your treatment. (Please feel free to ask us at your appointment so that you can be on the safe side!)

As a quick note, if you come to the clinic for your scheduled appointment with a sunburn, we won’t be able to perform any skin care treatments for you — plus, you may get a friendly lecture about using sunscreen!

Summer skin care tips + tricks

Patients frequently ask if they need to change their skin care routine for the summer weather. The answer depends on how your skin responds to the warmer, often more humid weather conditions. 

For example, if your skin tends to get more oily when the temperatures rise, you may benefit from switching from heavier lotions and facial creams to serums and lighter-textured lotions.

It’s also important to know that products containing AHAs, BHAs and retinoids can cause photosensitivity (a reaction to light). While you don’t have to skip these products entirely, it’s yet another reason to lather on the SPF and spend more time in the shade. 

But, as amazing as SPF can be, it can’t work in isolation. On the days you plan to be outside for extended periods of time, it’s crucial that you remember to wear sun-protective clothing (as if you needed an excuse to buy that chic wide-brimmed hat you’ve had your eye on). 

It’s also a great idea to focus on increasing your water intake, even when you don’t feel like you’re losing more moisture than usual. It’s much easier to become dehydrated in the summer, and dehydration doesn’t look good on anyone.

If you do find that your skin feels a little parched or fried at the end of the day, get in front of it with a little damage control. Our Youth Serum or Recovery Lotion may be just what you need to soothe and heal your skin.

What products should be in your summer lineup?

While you likely won’t need to change your cleanser or change how often you wash your face, there are a few products in our summertime skin care regimens that we couldn’t live without.


Chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid, retinol and glycolic acid can help with managing breakouts, brightening dark spots, smoothing fine lines and evening skin tone. This is especially important during the summer, as muggy weather can cause the skin to overproduce oil, which can then lead to blemishes.


In the summertime, look for lightweight moisturizers that feature moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera can not only soothe dry skin, but also keep skin radiant and smooth. Look for moisturizers labeled non-comedogenic or oil-free, which means they won’t clog your pores.


We love antioxidant serums. For instance, vitamin C serum can help neutralize free radicals to protect against visible signs of sun damage. If you invest in any skin care products this summer, look for a vitamin C serum like Glow Factor — your glowing skin will thank you for it.

Sun protection

Sun damage is no joke, and UV rays can cause serious damage. Dermatologists generally recommend using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen at the bare minimum, or take it a step up and look for SPF 50. Broad-spectrum coverage means that the formula can protect against UVA and UVB rays.

The bottom line...

If you treat your skin well and give it what it needs, it may return the favor by staying radiant, youthful and beautiful for years to come. The sun may feel great on your skin, but it can also have some serious health and aesthetic repercussions if you spend too much time taking it in without sunscreen. 

While you don’t need to make many tweaks to your summer skin care routine, knowing how to adjust it is key to looking stunning all year round.


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