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Botox + Dysport

Everyone’s best-kept skin secret.

Line and wrinkle relaxers that’ll soften and smooth expression lines — you’ll look refreshed, not frozen.

Why It’s Special
  • Botox and Dysport make expression lines smoother within days of injections.
  • Made with naturally-occurring proteins that work to soften stiff muscles.
  • Performed by advanced practice providers who also appreciate the “au naturel” look.


Here’s our plan:

  1. The treatment involves injecting low doses of Botox or Dysport right below the skin with very small needles. (The needles are the size of just 3 pieces of hair!) 
  2. Temporary injection site redness and swelling is common and usually goes away within the hour. Feel free to gently apply one of Skin Pharm tinted SPFs to camoflauge. 
  3. Results start to kick in within 3–5 days and fully onset around 2 weeks. 
  4. You’ll still look like yourself, just the best version!

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