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Kathryn Barnidge NP-C

Nurse Practitioner | Atlanta, GA

“My goals as a provider align perfectly with the Skin Pharm mission of building patient confidence, empowering clients through education, providing naturally beautiful aesthetic outcomes, and giving individuals an elevated experience both in the office chair and once they leave the office.”

Kathryn Barnidge is a board-certified nurse practitioner trained in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. After growing up in Boston, Kathryn moved down south to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville. There she received her bachelor’s degree with a double major in Child Development and Medicine, Health and Society. It was in Nashville that Kathryn first discovered the Skin Pharm brand, which initially inspired her to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine.

Kathryn then moved to Atlanta, earning post-graduate bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from Emory University. During her time at Emory, Kathryn shadowed various cosmetic dermatology providers and continued to foster her passion for the industry through her clinical rotations. Kathryn had been practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology for three years in Atlanta before joining Skin Pharm in September 2021. She has experience in a wide variety of aesthetic treatment options, but has a particular expertise in injectables, microneedling and photofacials.

Kathryn is passionate about creating individualized treatment plans and at-home skin care regimens for clients, which she is excited to bring to her practice at Skin Pharm. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience so that patients can overcome skin challenges, optimize their skin health and increase their overall confidence.

A note from Kathryn –

I have loved watching the recent cultural shift towards a widespread focus on and awareness of skin health. While tanning beds and baby oil used to be all the rage, "SPF is your BFF" has become the new mantra for many. With this transformation, many have recognized the importance of caring for your skin as you would the rest of your body — after all, it is our largest organ! As we address our overall health through office visits, lifestyle changes, supplements and medication, it is so important to address skin health in the same way. Routine in-office skin treatments with an advanced provider, consistent use of medical-grade skin care and established habits (such as increased hydration and regular sunscreen use) are all essential for optimal skin health!