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8 Great Things About Youth Serum

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8 Great Things About Youth Serum

Ever wonder what makes Youth Serum one of our hero products?

Youth Serum is an essential part of an effective skin care routine. (And it works for all skin types, too!) Here are 8 reasons why you need Youth Serum in your life.

1. Hyaluronic acid = pure hydration.

Youth Serum contains hyaluronic acid, which provides superior hydration to soothe sensitive and dehydrated skin. It’s like a big drink of water for your skin.

2. Humectants help draw in and hold onto moisture.

Humectants like hyaluronic acid are water-soluble compounds that act as moisture magnets, effectively treating dry skin. You can even use Youth Serum as a lightweight moisturizer.

3. Our formula fortifies your skin’s natural barrier to lock that noticeable glow.

Barrier enhancing agents (BEAs) like niacinamide are natural lipids that hold water within the skin. Youth Serum contains niacinamide, a BEA that encourages your skin to make even more BEAs needed for a healthy skin barrier.

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4. Tightening ingredients help firm facial contours for a more youthful appearance.

Youth Serum is packed with peptides — amino acids that improve skin’s strength, elasticity and resilience.

5. This type of serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and immediately plumps.

Youth Serum’s multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid delivers an instant skin plumping and firming effect.

6. Youth Serum provides just the right amount of hydration to prevent overproduction of oil, which can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Oily skin types need hydration, too! You’re in luck: Youth Serum’s lightweight, fast-absorbing formula nourishes all skin types.

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7. Peptides send a signal to your skin’s cells to boost more collagen.

Peptides are amino acids that penetrate the skin’s surface to help build collagen, fighting the visible effects of aging.

8. Youth Serum works to heal your skin from the inside out.

Fighting redness, uneven texture, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or dryness? Let Youth Serum work wonders to reveal hydrated, glowing skin from within.


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