Botox: It’s Not Just For Wrinkles!

Botox: It’s Not Just For Wrinkles!

We love toxin injections, and we’re not ashamed to admit it!

And you shouldn’t be, either. We love that Botox erases dynamic wrinkles, or fine lines caused by repeated facial movement.

These movements range from smiling and laughing (which we certainly don't recommend cutting back on) to glaring and frowning (we're not here to mess with your ability to look angry, either). But did you know that Botox injections can be used for more than just wrinkles?


The lip flip is one of our most requested procedures, as it creates a more pronounced, defined lip without adding volume. We inject a small amount of Botox into the orbicularis oris, the muscles around the mouth, to relax these muscles, slightly rolling the lip outward. The results are subtle but noticeable, relaxing the upper lip and enhancing the Cupid's bow. If you're looking for more definition in your lips but not necessarily more volume, this treatment is for you! If you want volume, we can do a lip flip in combination with other lip fillers — just ask your Skin Pharm provider about what options are the best fit for you.

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Since we're talking about the mouth, Botox can also help the appearance of a "gummy" smile, or an excessive amount of gum visible under the upper lip. In the past, this was often treated by excessive orthodontic treatment or surgical procedures, but now we can simply inject Botox to relax the lip, giving you a more balanced, confident smile. Studies show that this non-invasive option provides visible results, especially for patients looking for a minimally-invasive solution. Again, talk with your Skin Pharm provider about the best treatment option for you, as additional lip fillers like Juvederm or Restylane could also help balance by adding fullness.

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Masseter Botox — injecting Botox along the jawline — can slim and define your jawline, better defining your face shape. We can combine this with fillers like Juvederm or Restylane for added balance and definition. Clench or grind your teeth? You're in luck. This procedure relaxes the masseter muscle where we often hold tension. Our patients tell us that in addition to the defined jawline (which they love), they're experiencing fewer headaches and jaw pain. Talk to your Skin Pharm provider if you're experiencing headaches or jaw pain, as Botox may help alleviate these symptoms.

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Remember, Botox takes up to two weeks to fully take effect, so plan accordingly if you're getting injections before an event.


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