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Botox for a Lip Flip: Where Is It Injected?

Botox for a Lip Flip: Where Is It Injected?

If you’re looking for ways to make your upper lip look fuller without needing to go under the knife, Botox can help.

Although people often think of Botox as just a way to smooth out their face, other uses for the injectable offer results that can rival plastic surgery.

At Skin Pharm, we’re dedicated to using all the tools at our disposal to help you achieve your goals. Wondering where to inject Botox for lip flip, and what results you can achieve? Let’s discuss.

Botox basics 

You’ve likely heard of Botox before and have some knowledge of what it is and how it works, but we wanted to give you some of the basics before diving in. 

Botox is the brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A. Botulinum Toxin Type A comes from a specific toxin present in a bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. However, the drug contains none of the actual bacteria and is far safer. 

The reason this toxin is so potent is due to its paralyzing properties. When injected directly into the muscle, Botulinum Toxin Type A weakens or fully paralyzes those muscles. It also blocks specific nerves that send signals to the injected areas to move. 

These action methods are why Botox remains the most popular option for helping minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When the muscles cannot move, and the nerves temporarily stop sending signals to tell them they need to, the skin over the muscle naturally relaxes. 

While Botox doesn’t “get rid” of the fine lines and wrinkles (only dermal fillers can do that), it does drastically help reduce their visibility. 

What is a lip flip? 

At Skin Pharm, a lip flip is one of our most requested cosmetic procedures. But what exactly is it, and where is Botox injected for the best lip flip results?

A lip flip is a quick, nonsurgical cosmetic injectable procedure done in the clinic by one of our advanced practice providers. During the procedure, your provider will inject a small amount of Botox into your orbicularis oris muscle, which is the facial muscle that surrounds the mouth and is responsible for its movement. 

With the orbicularis oris muscle relaxed, the lip will naturally roll (“flip”) outward. This relaxation results in a subtle yet still noticeable change in your lips volume and an enhanced appearance to your Cupid’s Bow, or the curve that appears in the middle of your upper lip. 

The results are often described as a “pouty” lip instead of the plumper lips that result from other lip-related cosmetic procedures.  

Lip flip vs. lip filler 

As far as injectable cosmetic procedures for the lips go, there is one other option we need to discuss. When it comes to changing the appearance of the lips without cosmetic surgery, people also consider dermal lip fillers. 

But what’s the difference, and which one is better for your specific goals?

The best way to determine this is by booking a consultation with one of our skin care providers, who can help go over the results you’re hoping to achieve and direct you toward the services most likely to get you there. 

However, as far as basics go, lip flips offer far more subtle results than dermal lip fillers. 

The main difference is what is being injected. We inject the muscle with Botox to relax the lip with a lip flip. We inject the lips with a hyaluronic acid, gel-like substance with dermal filler, plumping and adding volume. 

Where to inject Botox for lip flip and dermal fillers also offer slightly different answers. 

Botox is injected just into the orbicularis oris muscle with a lip flip. When you get dermal fillers, the injections take directly into your lips, where you want additional volume. 

It’s also possible to do both a lip flip and dermal filler simultaneously. 

What does the lip flip procedure look like? 

Despite the potential for impressive results, the fear of needles stops most people from scheduling injectable cosmetic procedures. It can help to know what to expect during your appointment to alleviate that fear. In addition, scheduling an initial consultation to discuss treatment options before your procedure allows you time to discuss your concerns with the provider, which is also incredibly beneficial.

In general, a lip flip injection only requires a short office procedure of around 30 minutes.


Before your appointment, you should avoid unnecessary blood thinners (check with your doctor if you’re unsure about what you can safely stop taking) and stop drinking alcohol. Although there is not much blood involved in getting injections, you may have trouble controlling the bleeding afterward or excessive bruising as you heal. Both alcohol and blood thinners increase the risk of swelling, as well.


When you arrive, you’ll be prepped for your procedure. Because lip flips require very few injections in relation to other types of Botox, you will not need your skin numbed. The needles used for Botox are tiny (think the size of three strands of hair), so most people describe the injections as just a little pinch and only minor discomfort. 


Once your procedure is finished, you should be able to return to any daily activities you have planned. On the day of your injections, expect some temporary swelling and redness at the injection sites. These are not your final results, so don’t worry if your lips look fuller than you were expecting. It may take up to two to three weeks for your lips to settle into how they will look with the lip flip.

It’s also best to avoid smoking for a few days after the procedure, as this not only increases the risk of infection but may also encourage migration of the Botox into other, unintended places. You’ll also want to avoid touching or rubbing your lips or sleeping face down on your pillow. 

What side effects should I expect after my lip flip?

As we said, for most people, the temporary side effects after a lip flip procedure primarily include redness, bruising, and swelling. Overall, lip flips are relatively low-risk and safe as they involve far less Botox than other related procedures. 

If too much Botox is injected, your lip may potentially relaxtoo much

While this impacts your physical appearance, it may also cause other side effects like drooling, difficulty with forming certain words, or even drooping on one side of the mouth. That is why it is essential to have your lip flip performed by a licensed, trained provider. 

On rare occasions, you may experience more whole-body side effects. These are more likely to occur the first time you receive Botox injections and include symptoms like a headache and an upset stomach. 

Other cosmetic uses for Botox 

While Botox is excellent for smoothing out the face and reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, there are othercosmetic uses (like the lip flip) that deserve more attention as well. 

For instance, does your gummy smile make you self-conscious? Botox injections can help with that, too! If you notice an excessive amount of visible gum tissue under your upper lip when you smile, injecting Botox into the upper lip can relax it enough to become less noticeable.

Botox can also help your jawline to appear slimmer and more defined. 

When injected into the masseter muscle, which are the muscles on the sides of the face that control the lower jaw, Botox can help to give you a more balanced facial shape. When combined with dermal fillers, the results are even more impressive. 

Jawline Botox may also help with head and neck tension and jaw discomfort, especially for people who tend to clench their jaw or grind their teeth. The masseter muscle is often the site where we hold the most tension, so helping it relax can also help reduce the physical symptoms of tension you may be experiencing. 

In addition to the many cosmetic uses for Botox, medical professionals may also utilize the injections to help with other health concerns. For instance, Botox has shown potential to help with excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), misaligned eyes (strabismus), chronic migraines, overactive bladder and uncontrollable blinking (blepharospasm), too.

To sum things up... 

A lip flip is a temporary, subtle way to enhance the appearance of your lips using Botox. Don’t let questions about where to inject Botox for lip flip or if the procedure will hurt stop you from scheduling your procedure. 

With the proper knowledge about what to expect and how to get the most out of your injections, you can have the lips you’ve always wanted. Skin Pharm is here for you and ready to help you reach your goals. Schedule an appointment or a consultation today!


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