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Give the Gift of Botox This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Botox This Holiday Season

This holiday season, think outside of the box.

If you’re interested in getting your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving, look no further than Botox!

Botox gifts are increasingly popular because they can be performed quickly, require minimal downtime and provide impressive, visible results. We’ve got multiple ways you can give the gift of Botox, no matter who is on your list.

Why should I consider Botox gifts?

Botox remains one of the most popular skin care treatments performed annually, with millions of people choosing to have it performed every year. But why is it so loved, and why makes Botox gifts such an excellent idea?

Botox is known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, taking years off in just a few short minutes. At Skin Pharm, our providers perform Botox (as well as Dysport) injections regularly. We find that Botox can help smooth out expression lines, especially on the forehead and around the eyes, nose and mouth. 

But Botox isn’t just for minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. The injectable cosmetic treatment can also help create a more pronounced, defined lip (known as a “lip flip”), reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile and slim and define the jawline. It can also be paired with other injectable skin care treatments, like dermal fillers, for even more noticeable effects.

How can I give Botox as a gift?

Giving the gift of Botox isn’t as difficult as you may think! We’ve got a few suggestions on how to give the gift of Botox this holiday season. 


While we’re huge fans of Botox, before giving it as a gift, it’s vital that you consider your giftee. Although you may mean it with only good intentions, Botox gifts may offend some people. If they haven’t explicitly mentioned getting Botox, it may not be the right gift for them. 

Make sure you’re only giving people the gift of Botox to people who have mentioned wanting to get it done — you don’t want to accidentally hurt anyone’s feelings, especially not your loved ones. 


If you’re looking for ways to give the gift of Botox this holiday season, one of the easiest ways is by getting a gift card. Gift cards allow your lucky giftee to schedule their Botox treatment in their own time frame. It also allows them to change their mind or add other skin care treatments (like dermal fillers).

Our gift cards can also be used online to purchase any of our at-home skin care products if they decide that Botox isn’t right for them. 

You can be creative with presenting your gift card — we’ll send it via email, or you can wrap it up in a cute gift box, too! While gift cards may not be the most exciting gift to receive, it’s still to give them something to open for the holidays.


If you want to make Botox gifts a little more personal, why not make a day out of it?

Botox makes an excellent addition to a full day of self-care, especially if your giftees are the type to put their own needs on the back burner. Consider scheduling a pedicure, booking a buddy appointment to get Botox injections together and winding down with dinner at your favorite restaurant. The holiday season can often be hectic, so allowing yourself this time to take care of your own needs (and encouraging your loved ones to do the same) is crucial!

If Botox isn’t your thing, you can still go with your giftee as a form of moral support — especially if they’re nervous about the injections themselves, although the needles are very tiny. You may find a different skin care treatment or come home with a new skin care product, but just being there for your loved one is often gift enough. 


If you can’t go with them, make Botox gifts a part of a larger self-care basket. Everyone loves to have a little something to unwrap, so why not go all out? Self-care baskets can look any way you want, and they are easily customizable to whatever your giftee is into. 

Add nail polish, skin care products, face masks, a candle, etc. You can even add a bottle of wine and some of their favorite snacks, although we recommend that they avoid drinking alcohol (or eating spicy foods) for at least 24 to 48 hours before their Botox injections to minimize side effects. 

What should I know when planning Botox gifts?

If your giftee has been talking about getting Botox for a while, likely, they’ve already done at least a little of their own research. However, brushing up on your knowledge before giving Botox gifts can help you answer any questions they may have (for those you can’t answer, you can direct them to our advanced practice providers).

The first factor in giving the gift of Botox is knowing who can and can’t have the treatment performed. Unfortunately, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot get Botox injections, but they can definitely save their gift cards for a little postpartum TLC! If they have any other health care issues, encourage them to discuss these (and any medications they may be taking) with a skin care provider before scheduling. 

It’s also crucial to be aware of the side effects of Botox treatment. The vast majority of Botox side effects are minimal and only last a few days, but we recommend that anyone getting Botox injections schedules them at least two weeks before any special events. Common side effects include redness, bruising and swelling at the injection sites.

And finally, the question on most people’s minds — when will they see the results? Unlike dermal fillers, which are noticeable almost immediately after the injections are complete, it takes time for the full impact of Botox to kick in. For most people, Botox starts to smooth out their skin about three to five days after their initial injections. Botox continues to become more and more effective and will hit peak onset in two weeks. 

If they like Botox, we recommend they schedule follow-up appointments every three to four months to keep up with their results. If not, the effects of Botox will slowly fade, returning movement to the muscles and making their pre-existing fine lines and wrinkles visible again. They can always choose to return to Botox injections at any point with no pressure.

To sum things up...

Botox gifts are the gift that keeps on giving. When you give the gift of Botox, you’re really giving people the gift of self-care. Botox can be performed in-clinic in a matter of minutes, requires minimal downtime and can produce impressive, yet natural-looking results.

For people in your life who always focus on everyone else, Botox can be a reminder that they also deserve care and consideration (without having to feel guilty about it). Get a gift card or learn more about the gift of Botox injections today! 


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