If You’re Over the Age of 25, You Should Wear Glow Factor Every Day

If You’re Over the Age of 25, You Should Wear Glow Factor Every Day

Finding — and sticking to — a skin care routine that fits your lifestyle and your budget is the key to great skin.

If you’ve been skipping vitamin C, your skin can’t reach its full potential. And if you’re over 25, you definitely need to use vitamin C every day. Here’s why.

1.Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, protecting your skin.

Every time you go outside, your skin is exposed to UV rays and environmental pollution. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects your skin by neutralizing free radicals from UV rays and pollution, reducing and preventing damage to your skin cells.

2.Vitamin C helps your skin heal itself, minimizing signs of aging.

Vitamin C is acidic, and upon topical application to the skin, it encourages collagen and elastin production. This results in more youthful looking skin, as collagen and elastin keeps skin firm and plump. Used regularly, vitamin C prevents premature aging, so it’s best to incorporate into your daily routine early on!

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3.Vitamin C reduces discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Your skin naturally produces melanin when exposed to the sun to protect your skin from UV rays. When your skin produces too much melanin, it can result in excess pigmentation. Vitamin C helps inhibit melanin production, preventing hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots and age spots.

4.Vitamin C improves your overall skin tone, resulting in smooth, glowy skin.

As an effective treatment for all skin types, vitamin C reduces inflammation and redness. By accelerating cell turnover, damaged cells are replaced with healthy new ones, revealing a more even-toned complexion.

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5. Vitamin C aids skin recovery from acne and breakouts.

Melanin also produced in spots on the skin where acne has healed. Vitamin C prevents these dark spots from forming and reduces spots that have already developed.

6.Vitamin C can prevent sagging skin.

That aforementioned collagen and elastin boost not only plumps and firms your skin, but improves overall elasticity, too. Vitamin C also decreases water loss, helping your skin retain moisture. Tight, firm, hydrated skin means less sagging!

Our Glow Factor is like drops of magic for your skin. This brightening, tightening serum is powered by pure vitamin C, which is more effective when combined with other antioxidants, like vitamin E and ferulic acid. Treat it like your daily multivitamin, giving your skin the perfect dose of antioxidants to guard against pollutants, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brighten and replenish skin. The lightweight, fluid texture is easy to fit in your skin care routine and layers well with other products.


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