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Everything You Need to Know About Moxi

Everything You Need to Know About Moxi

From polishing skin to improving pigment, there’s a lot to love about Moxi.

Not to mention, it’s now available at Skin Pharm Nashville! Our clinical trainer and physician assistant Lauren Zaucha is answering your frequently asked questions about Moxi. Read on to learn all about this gentle skin resurfacing treatment!

Is Moxi safe for dark skin?

Yes! Moxi is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It works by targeting water within cells rather than targeting melanin, which makes it suitable for any complexion and patients with melasma.

It’s also safe on tan skin — we just ask that you don’t schedule a treatment immediately after a trip to the beach. If you’re tan from a vacation within the last few months or have naturally gotten some summer color, that’s totally fine. We just don’t want you coming in freshly sunburnt. In order to see the best possible results from treatment, we want your skin to be in a healthy, stable state!

BBL photofacial vs. Moxi — what’s the difference?

BBL photofacials and Moxi are actually done using the same machine, but they’re quite different! A BBL photofacial is light therapy that works to target the chromophores in our cells, which produce color. This is why it works so well on sun spots, brown spots and redness from rosacea or facial vessels.

Moxi is a gentle, non-ablative laser that works to resurface skin. A BBL photofacial doesn’t have resurfacing benefits, which is why we often stack it with microneedling. Moxi has those resurfacing benefits on its own. Unlike a BBL photofacial, Moxi targets water within cells. This makes it great for all skin types and tones, including darker complexions and those with melasma.

I have facial filler — can I still get Moxi?

Yes! You can definitely get Moxi if you have filler anywhere in your face. The same goes for Botox and Dysport!

Can Moxi help with acne scarring?

Moxi can help with post-inflammatory erythema (PIE) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). It can also help even out skin texture abnormalities. If you have deep pitted scarring or ice pick scarring, a better option would be microneedling with PRP or a deeper resurfacing treatment. If your main goal is a more even skin tone and you only have slight textural abnormalities, Moxi’s a good option for you!

I have melasma. Should I get microneedling or Moxi?

We get this question a lot! Microneedling with PRP is a great treatment for melasma — and Moxi works really well, too! Like microneedling, Moxi helps stimulate collagen and offers other benefits like pore tightening. Either are great for pigmentation and melasma.

Can you talk about downtime and post-treatment care?

One of the best things about Moxi is that it requires minimal downtime! It’s normal to experience redness for a few hours after treatment — not all that different than you might after microneedling with PRP. Your face will also feel warm, so you’ll leave treatment barefaced to give your skin time to cool down.

We’ll send you home with our Jetsetter Kit, which you’ll use in place of your normal skin care routine for the next 7-10 days. Wait 24 hours before working out or wearing makeup. And do your best to avoid hot water as your skin cools down!

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding — can I get Moxi?

First — congratulations! We always require approval from your OB-GYN. If they’re good with it, so are we!

Can I stack Moxi with a BBL photofacial?

Absolutely! We’ll do your BBL photofacial first, apply your numbing cream and then proceed with Moxi. You may need more downtime when you stack these two treatments — you might experience a bit more redness or some swelling. But stacking these two is totally doable and will yield great results!

What other treatments can you stack with Moxi?

In addition to stacking Moxi with a BBL photofacial, you can also pair it with Botox or Dysport, microneedling and PRP.


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