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Serious Question, Should I Get Botox or Filler?

Serious Question, Should I Get Botox or Filler?

Perhaps you’re looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but you’re not sure which treatment is better for you?

Injectable fillers can treat both dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles.

Let’s discuss the difference so you can determine which option will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Dynamic wrinkles —

Dynamic wrinkles are lines that are caused by repeated facial movements like smiling or frowning — think forehead lines, frown lines, glabellar (between the eyebrows) lines, laugh and lip lines and crow’s feet (around the outer eye areas). They are not visible when your face is at rest. Botox and Dysport contain neurotoxins that treat dynamic wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscle contractions that cause these lines when injected into the problem area. This is a great solution for improving the appearance of fine lines and creases that have already appeared.

Research suggests that these injectables could also be used as a preventive treatment, especially when used long-term. If you're wondering if you're ready for Botox, we suggest talking to a Skin Pharm provider about how early treatments can slow the signs of aging.

Static wrinkles —

Static wrinkles result from a loss of elasticity and are still visible when your face is at rest. These form due to aging and repetitive movements and facial expressions, and they require a different approach than neurotoxin-based injectables. Common areas of treatment include lines around the lips and mouth, neck lines, temples, jawline and the undereye area.

Dermal fillers that are powered by hyaluronic acid are your best option to combat static wrinkles. You may be familiar hyaluronic acid — it's a naturally occurring ingredient in customer favorites, like Youth Serum and Eye Sculpt. The amount of hyaluronic acid that our skin contains decreases as we grow older, which is one of the factors towards developing static wrinkles.

Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm smooth static wrinkles by restoring lost or lacking volume. When injected into the skin, dermal fillers literally fill wrinkles and creases that have formed. They can also stimulate your body’s own production of hyaluronic acid, which naturally decreases as we age.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Injectables are suitable for most patients (with the exception of pregnant women) looking to treat visible signs of aging. Injectables are minimally invasive treatments with little downtime or prep work. You don't need to do much in advance, although some patients avoid NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen up to two weeks before the appointment to minimize bleeding and bruising.

The injection procedure itself is relatively quick — usually just a few minutes — and while you may experience redness, bruising or swelling at the injection areas, you should be able to resume normal activities. We do recommend that you avoid exercise for at least 12 hours, so be sure to get your workout in before your appointment. Avoid rubbing or picking at the injection areas after your appointment, and if you experience any discomfort or swelling, apply cold packs to the area. Any visible signs of the injections should disappear within a few days.

I have a big event coming up. When should I book my appointment?

Great question! We get this a lot. If you're getting injectables, we recommend scheduling your appointment two weeks before your event. This allows the injectables to take full effect and for any swelling, bruising or redness to disappear. You'll see the effects from Botox and other neurotoxin-based injectables for three to six months, while dermal fillers like Juvederm last for nine to 12 months.


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