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Revive Your Routine with Our New Eye Cream

Revive Your Routine with Our New Eye Cream

No matter your age or skin type, everyone needs an eye cream in their routine.

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your body, and it’s often the first place you’ll notice signs of aging. Even if you properly cleanse, tone and treat the rest of your face, your eyes deserve a little TLC of their own!

Incorporating an eye cream into your routine gives that thin layer of skin an extra dose of support. With ingredients that boost collagen, hydrate, brighten and smooth, Eye Sculpt not only helps improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines — it also nourishes and protects the skin in the long term.

We recommend using Eye Sculpt both morning and night. Here’s how to incorporate our lightweight, fast-absorbing eye cream into your routine!

In the morning


In the morning, use Eye Sculpt after serums and before your moisturizer. Not only can it help revive and refresh the appearance of your eyes — it also complements two of our other AM essentials perfectly.

Like Youth Serum, Eye Sculpt is formulated with peptides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide — an ingredient trio that effectively hydrates, plumps and smooths. It plays nicely with Glow Factor’s brightening and antioxidant properties, too!

As always, finish your morning routine with your favorite SPF!

In the evening


The same order of operations applies during your nighttime routine, but with one exception. Apply Eye Sculpt after serums but before retinol, even if you use a retinol serum like Night Watch.

Finish your PM routine with a supportive moisturizer. (High Beam works well alongside Eye Sculpt to boost collagen, smooth and brighten skin with ingredients like replexium and licorice root.)

Sculpt like a pro

On the days your eyes need a little extra love, layer our Reusable Eye Patches over Eye Sculpt to brighten, improve puffiness and minimize the look of fine lines even more. Wear them for just a few minutes (or longer if you’d like!) to lock in nutrients and encourage deeper product absorption. For an added cooling and de-puffing effect, stash Reusable Eye Patches and/or Eye Sculpt in the fridge for a bit before use!


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