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How to Get Glass Skin in 4 Easy Steps

How to Get Glass Skin in 4 Easy Steps

Korean beauty (more commonly known as K-beauty) routines seem to have taken over the internet.

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing right now is the “glass skin” trend, which involves layering a toner or essence to achieve flawless, poreless, luminous skin.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate these changes into your routine, we’ve got your back — here are four steps you can try to get glowing, glass skin.

Why are skin care routines important?

Even though we’re going to focus on the glass skin routine, we want to briefly touch on the importance of having any kind of routine at all. Everyone’s skin is different, which means that skin care isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

What works for your skin may not work for someone else’s and can even worsen pre-existing skin concerns (like breakouts).

Finding an appropriate skin care routine that works for you — and sticking with it — is the key to supporting your skin. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out our founder’s routine. Remember, consistency is essential, no matter what skin care products you use.

How can you get glass skin?

Now, let’s dive into how you can create the appearance of dewy, glass-like, glowing skin.

1. Double cleanse

Glass skin starts with cleansing thoroughly — and we do mean thoroughly. When you follow a glass skin care routine, you’ll actually be performing what’s called a double cleanse.

Double cleansing your skin doesn’t mean you’re just washing it twice. To be effective, you need to use two different types of facial cleansers to remove as much build-up as possible.

Your first cleanse will be with either micellar water or an oil-based cleanser (yes, even if you have an oily skin type). This type of cleanser is especially effective at removing makeup, sunscreen and any other products you may be wearing that tend to be more water-resistant.

After you’ve washed your face once, you’ll switch up your products and rewash with a hydrating, water-based cleanser like our Gentle Soothing Cleanser. This second step removes the less obvious build-up, leaving your pores clean, open and ready to accept your other products even more effectively.

2. Exfoliate

After double cleansing your skin, the next step in your glass skin care regimen is to exfoliate. Which exfoliant you choose depends on your skin type and specific concerns, but most exfoliants include active ingredients like salicylic acid, which is a BHA, and glycolic acid, which is an AHA.

Exfoliants go one step further than cleansing by removing impurities and dead skin cells from inside your pores as well as those that sit on the surface. This can help remove barriers that would otherwise prevent your pores from absorbing your products.

However, exfoliants can be abrasive, so be mindful of this if you have sensitive skin. If you notice that your skin seems especially tight or dry (a sign of a damaged skin barrier), you can save this step for your pre-bedtime routine or do it less frequently.

Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you, and take it slow! Easing into a new routine is much easier for your skin and can ultimately lead to better results.

3. Choose and layer your serums appropriately

So, your skin has been double cleansed and exfoliated — now what? With your skin clean, open and ready for your other products, it’s time to apply them.

You may want to look for products with antioxidants (like vitamin C), which can help combat free radicals, fight visible signs of aging and support overall skin health. Other ingredients, like retinol, can support collagen production, while brightening ingredients like peptides and arbutin can help ease the appearance of dark spots and support an even skin tone. In addition to choosing the right products, you also need to know the order in which to apply them so they can be as effective as possible. If you’re applying them in the wrong order, you may not see the results you’re hoping for.

A good rule of thumb is to start with the serums that are the thinnest in consistency and build up to your thickest. Although it may seem like it’s taking a long time to do your routine, try to give each serum time to dry before moving on. Finally, finish with a hydrating serum like our Youth Serum to give yourself extra moisture, even before you officially moisturize.

4. Moisturize

Hydration is absolutely crucial for healthy skin. Without proper hydration, your skin can’t keep itself safe and protected — there’s a reason the skin barrier is also called the moisture barrier, after all. If your moisture barrier isn’t intact, it can’t protect your skin from things like UV rays, pollution and other external stressors.

Like cleansers, toners and serums, choose a moisturizer that suits your specific skin type and skin needs. For example, if you’re prone to breakouts, you may want to look for a lightweight moisturizer. If you want to smooth the appearance of undereye wrinkles, look for an eye cream.

You should also look for moisturizers that contain nourishing ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which are all essential parts of the skin’s basic chemical makeup. It isn’t just dry skin that needs hydration — even people with oily skin types can benefit from the moisture boost.

Whether you plan on being outside or not, finishing your morning routine with SPF is essential. Chronic sun exposure (which can happen while you’re inside, too!) is one of the leading triggers of aging skin, like fine lines and wrinkles. Trust us — wear your sunscreen! Your future self will thank you.

The bottom line…

Want to know how to get glass skin? We hope this easy-to-follow guide helps you build a routine that’ll make your skin even more smooth, glassy and radiant. Korean skin care trends can help your skin look glowy and healthy.

If you’d like to get personalized recommendations on how to best care for your skin’s unique needs, schedule a consultation with us today.


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