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Your Treatment Package Questions — Answered!

Your Treatment Package Questions — Answered!

Let’s talk treatment packages!

Our March special is here! This month, lock in a lower price per treatment when you purchase a three-pack. Doing some research before you take advantage? Curious about how treatment packages work? Our Franklin provider and physician assistant Alexis Keen is answering your frequently asked questions below.

Can I buy a package now and book a treatment later on?

Yes! If you aren’t planning to come in for a treatment this month, you can still buy a package now to use later on. To buy online, click BOOK NOW, select your clinic, scroll down to “Packages” and purchase from there. You can also purchase in-clinic or over the phone!

Once I buy a package, how long will I have to use it?

Your package expires two years after the date of purchase, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete your three treatments!

Can you mix and match packages?

Each package is priced for a specific treatment and is a series of three. You can’t combine two separate treatments into one package for a total of three treatments, but you can buy multiple packages and stack those treatments.

For example, if you know you want to do a series of three BBL photofacials and a series of three microneedling with PRP treatments, we can stack the two during one appointment. You’ll just have to buy two separate packages — one BBL photofacial package and one microneedling with PRP package.

Can I pay for my package with a gift card?

Yes! If you’d like to buy a package with a gift card, you’ll need to pay for it in-clinic.

If I’m adding on an additional treatment area, do I need to specify that when buying a package?

No, you don’t need to specify this when buying a package. We can discuss additional treatment areas (neck, chest, etc.) when you come in for your treatment!

When you buy a package, you get exclusive add-on pricing, so this is a great time to extend your treatment! You can add on one treatment area for $150 (normally $200) and two areas for $250 (normally $400).

Which treatments can I buy a package for?

We offer packages for BBL photofacials, Moxi (Nashville only), Gold Infusions and microneedling treatments. Explore them all here!


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