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Fillers: Why We Love Them (And You Will, Too!)

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Fillers: Why We Love Them (And You Will, Too!)

Fillers, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

1. Fillers can enhance specific parts of the face.

When most people hear the word “filler,” they automatically think of lip filler. While lip filler is very popular, dermal fillers are used to enhance multiple areas of the face. Injections can plump lips, enhance cheekbones, strengthen chins, sharpen jawlines and regain volume, too.

Fillers are different from botulinum toxins like Botox or Dysport, because they don’t impact muscle motion. (Check out our post about injectables, where we talk about dynamic and static wrinkles.) Instead, we inject fillers beneath the skin to restore fullness and smooth fine lines.

For lips, fillers are great for plumping and adding volume for aging lips. They can also be injected around the mouth area, effectively erasing smile lines, and in the nasolabial folds — the “parentheses” lines that form between the mouth and the nose. Many of our patients ask for fillers to achieve the perfect pout (and newbies, don’t worry — we always aim to provide natural-looking results). But lately, we’ve noticed even more patients asking about cheek fillers to enhance cheekbones.

If you won’t leave the house until you apply your under-eye concealer, fillers are great for improving hollowing or darkness under the eyes, too. They can be used to provide a subtle lift to the eyebrow area, resulting in a refreshed appearance.

Added volume with Restylane to her lips and Voluma to her cheeks.

Added volume with Restylane to her lips and Voluma to her cheeks.

2. Fillers can be used for overall sculpting or face balancing.

As if fillers weren’t versatile enough, they can also help with or overall balancing and sculpting. We’ve been seeing amazing results in patients who are looking to enhance a thin face with injections along the temples, cheeks and jawlines. We’re getting a lot of requests for jaw sculpting this year as more patients are seeing how this improves their overall appearance. If part of your face has ever felt off-balance to you in these areas, fillers can provide a subtle, yet noticeable result.

3. Fillers are an effective treatment to fight scars and visible signs of aging.

Fillers can improve the appearance of scarring and dermal atrophy (the literal thinning of your skin due to aging, sun exposure and medication). We’re getting more requests to treat non-facial areas, particularly to address scarring. If you’re worried about wrinkles or sagging skin on your face or neck, fillers can help with that, too! Fillers that contain hyaluronic acid (like Juvederm and Restylane) erase crow’s feet, fine lines and forehead lines. (Again, these are the static lines discussed here.)

4. Certain types of fillers are reversible.

We’ve had patients come to us because they went a little overboard on fillers. Rather than wait it out for several months, we can dissolve hyaluronic acid-based fillers with hyaluronidase. We can’t say it enough: We always aim for natural-looking results at Skin Pharm, but if you are unhappy with results from hyaluronic acid-based fillers, we can fix that!

5. Fillers are both instantly gratifying and long-lasting.

When you schedule an appointment for fillers, you don’t need to give up your entire day — the entire process takes roughly a half an hour. After your consult (which we insist upon each time to ensure you’ll see the results you want), the injections only take a few minutes. While you may experience redness, swelling and bruising, you can resume normal activity immediately. (Except for exercise — definitely wait 24 hours for a strenuous workout.) Dermal fillers typically last between six to 18 months, depending on the type used and the area it is injected.



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