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Meet Our Founder, Maegan Griffin

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Meet Our Founder, Maegan Griffin

“I love my career, because it offers a creative outlet. Every patient is a personal project for me! They sit in my chair and know that I will do everything I can to address their concerns so they leave satisfied, confident and happy.”

Maegan Griffin is known for her innovative work in cosmetic dermatology, facial rejuvenation techniques and aesthetic medicine utilizing the latest cutting edge technology.

An early adopter of injectables and skin laser technologies, Maegan’s artful work has secured her reputation as a practitioner who helps her patients create meaningful internal and external changes in their lives while finding a balanced approach to anti-aging and beauty.

“Patients who come to Skin Pharm aren’t just coming for the treatments, they’re actually connected to the culture of the whole skin care movement. It’s about building confidence and self-esteem.”

Maegan completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Belmont University and her Masters of Science in Nursing at Tennessee State University. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with experience treating patients of all ages, but specializes in aesthetic medicine to address common skin concerns and the aging process.

Maegan became obsessed with protecting her skin in her mid-twenties (think obsessive application of high quality SPF, a collection of sun-blocking hats and appreciating the benefits of topical antioxidants). Once she entered her thirties, the fixation on boosting collagen hit! She loves topicals with peptides and trusts in the magic of retinol. As far as procedures, she’d be devastated if she had to go without her cheek contouring Voluma injections and Botox for lip flip.

Skin Pharm has been recognized by Nashville Scene as the city’s “Best One-Stop Shop for Skin,” in addition to features in People, Glamour, Nashville Edit, NFocus and Style Blueprint.

“Being a mom to a little girl and specializing in aesthetic medicine means I need to make sure my daughter feels beautiful and does not receive the message that she needs to change how she looks. This is something I constantly remind myself of now that she is a toddler who hears everything I say and sees everything I do. I think this helps me as a practitioner to ensure I focus on patients positive features and enhance their appearance rather than change their face, or worse, leave them looking distorted after my work.”

After practicing for several years,  Maegan Griffin is fortunate to have built a following of fresh-faced women and men, leading her to found her cosmetic dermatology practices in Nashville and Atlanta. Skin Pharm specializes in aesthetic medicine including cosmetic injections, advanced skin care, laser therapy and acne treatments.



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