About Us: The Skin Pharm Story

The best version of your skin starts here.

Skin Pharm is a modern beauty brand built on the belief that when we take care, we feel confident. Our skin care treatments, clinic atmosphere and medical-grade products are designed to empower you at every stage of your skin care journey, so you can enjoy the confidence boost that comes with feeling good in your skin.

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Meet Our Founder + CEO, Maegan Griffin

Get to know the woman behind the brand.

After working as a nurse practitioner in plastic surgery and dermatology, our founder, Maegan Griffin, realized the aesthetics industry lacked something critical — a commitment to personalized, holistic and trustworthy care.

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Sustainable Skin Care: What Does That Mean for Skin Pharm?

As we continue to grow and refine our product line, we’re keeping sustainability top of mind.

We’re aware — and we care! And we know that industry-wide change starts with us. Here are four ways we’re working to make skin care more sustainable for you — and the planet, too.

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Our Founder’s Guide to AM + PM Skin Care

As a business owner and a mom of three young children, balance is often out of the question.

But one thing’s for sure: I’ve got my morning and evening skin care routines down! Prioritizing these daily rituals helps me handle life’s competing demands with more ease and confidence.

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