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What Katie Stevens Loves About Her Skin Since Getting Gold Infusions

What Katie Stevens Loves About Her Skin Since Getting Gold Infusions

The Bold Type actress and singer Katie Stevens started coming to Skin Pharm to calm her temperamental skin.

She quickly became a fan of our Gold Infusion facial for its hydrating, brightening, anti-aging benefits.

Actress and singer Katie Stevens (you can catch her on Freeform's The Bold Type) has been wowing audiences since her childhood.

The acting bug bit early — Stevens was involved in theater from a young age, even performing at Carnegie Hall at age 13 — and she competed on American Idol. and was subsequently part of the 2010 American Idol summer tour.

Stevens married her longtime boyfriend, Paul DiGiovanni, in Nashville in October 2019. With a packed schedule of filming, red carpet appearances and other events, she's a frequent traveler between Nashville and Los Angeles, requiring a skin care routine that can keep up with her busy life. Stevens started coming to Skin Pharm to calm her temperamental skin and became a quick devotee of Skin Pharm's popular Gold Infusion facial, which keeps her red carpet-ready.

We'll let Katie take it from here!

What skin concerns were you hoping to treat with Gold Infusion?

I started getting Gold Infusion to look my best for filming, red carpets and appearances. I had some scarring on my face, which Gold Infusion reduced significantly. It helps even out my skin tone and texture, and gives me such a glow! It was also the perfect treatment to get done before my wedding!

How often do you get Gold Infusion treatments?

I’ve been getting the Gold infusion treatments for about 2 years now — whenever I’m home long enough! I’d say I get it every 4-6 months. I work long hours — with makeup continually applied to my face — which can cause my skin to look dull. Gold infusion helps bring my skin back to life and give it the vitamins and antioxidants it needs. I also love that there’s no recovery time! I can’t afford to have a week of recovery from a facial since I film and have press commitments. The Gold Infusion treatment leaves a pinkness to your skin for about 30-60 minutes, and then your face returns to normal!

What changes have you seen in your skin?

Since meeting Maegan Griffin and coming to Skin Pharm, I’ve just learned how important skin health is, and how important it is to have a routine. I’ve noticed my skin is no longer temperamental. And, because I show it the love it needs through my skin care, it loves me back and my breakouts are fewer and far between. It’s so nice to have guidance from Skin Pharm as to what other procedures I can do to take my skin to the next level. That’s how I discovered the Gold Infusion!

How does Gold Infusion fit in your skin care routine?

My skin care routine includes the Youth Serum and Glow Factor, which are full of vitamins and antioxidants. I think the Gold Infusion gives me that extra boost because it’s filled with similar benefits, but the tiny needles penetrating the skin’s surface really set the serums in for a long-lasting glow. My Skin Pharm products that I use every day maintain it, but it’s nice to get an extra boost every few months!

If someone is thinking about getting Gold Infusion for the first time, what should they know about it?

I opt to get the Gold Infusion treatment that has Botox in it, but don’t be afraid of it! I think there’s a massive misconception about Botox and what it does. I think Gold Infusion is one of the best procedures you can do to give yourself a lasting glow, with no recovery time!


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