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Patient POV: “I’ve Found My New Favorite Laser Treatment”

Patient POV: “I’ve Found My New Favorite Laser Treatment”

Wondering if Moxi’s worth the hype?

We’re obviously big fans of this skin-polishing, pigment-reducing laser treatment — but don’t take it from us! Read on for content creator and Skin Pharm Nashville patient Anika Sutter’s honest Moxi review. (Spoiler: She loves it!)

I tried Moxi at Skin Pharm, and as a brown girl, I have found my new favorite laser treatment

I’m currently in my wannabe natural girl era, where I’m all about that glow-up without trying too hard. Good skin? It’s my favorite accessory. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that Skin Pharm Nashville has been my go-to for all things skin care for over two years. From microneedling and PRP under-eye injections to the occasional Gold Infusion, their treatments have become staples in my routine. And don’t even get me started on their skin care line — she deserves her own blog post.

Now that I’m 25, my skin has different needs. I have the occasional breakout, but my skin is super sensitive. As a result, I struggle with acne scarring and dark spots. Mostly though, I’ve noticed that as I get older, my skin loses luminosity and youthfulness.

Recently, I’ve seen a treatment called Moxi everywhere on social media. Moxi promises to target dark spots, acne scarring, and overall brighten the skin — all with minimal downtime. It claims to be gentle, effective and most importantly, it’s tailored to address our unique skin care needs. No more worrying about potential damage or hyperpigmentation! Sounds too good to be true, right? As a girl who’s constantly battling pigmentation issues, you know I had to give it a shot. Plus, it’s melanin-safe, and as a brown babe who just wants good skin like everyone else, I am willing to try anything.

What exactly is Moxi, and how is it different?

Moxi uses laser technology to target water within the skin to prevent premature signs of aging, correct sun damage and rejuvenate your complexion. It stimulates healing and collagen production to minimize fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin texture. Basically, it’s a gentle laser treatment that’s all about saying bye-bye to pesky pigmentation while giving your skin that lit-from-within glow. And I’m here for it. No more hiding behind makeup or feeling self-conscious about my skin — it’s time to let my natural beauty shine through.

The main difference between Moxi and other laser treatments is its gentleness. Many laser treatments are not safe for pigmented or melanin-rich skin, which sucks for my fellow brown girls who want all the benefits of a laser treatment! It’s also praised for its prejuvenation abilities, meaning it can target skin concerns to prevent them before they even happen.

My Moxi experience

I’m immediately at ease whenever I walk into Skin Pharm. The vibes are always immaculate — their iconic signature scent fills the clinic, the walls are lined with their elite, clinically-proven products and the girls up front know me by name and ask me if my boyfriend has proposed yet (they’re just as invested as I am, and I love it). This was my first of three sessions, as I was advised I’d need a minimum of two sessions to properly treat my skin concerns and see results.

Seeing as TikTok was my go-to as a research tool, I was slightly nervous — I did not see many girls of darker complexions getting this treatment done. I had also heard that the burn is REAL. I like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I’d never tried any sort of laser treatment before. Having had the treatment done for herself, my provider reassured me and shared that, more than anything, it’s just uncomfortable for a few hours afterward.

They numbed up my skin as usual, and when it came time to get started about 20 minutes later, I couldn’t feel a thing! They reclined me back comfortably and handed me some super cute eye protection glasses (think tanning goggles). It’s important to note that Moxi has three levels of intensity. Because of my higher pain tolerance, I figured if we’re going to do this then we are going to commit to the bit, and we did a level two which is the highest I can do due to my skin color.

The treatment itself only took about 15 minutes! For the most part, I couldn’t even feel the laser during the process, though I did have some moments of sensitivity around the borders of my face where the numbing cream met my hairline. Nothing too severely uncomfortable. Pain during treatment was a two out of 10. I was pleasantly surprised!

Aftercare and next steps

Afterward, I was nice and bright red, with lots of micro-dots across my face and neck. They sent me home with ice-packs and their Jetsetter Kit, which I was to use in place of my regular routine for a week or so. (P.S., the Recovery Lotion in this kit is my FAVE for delicate skin that needs to heal. I personally love using it after a long beach day!)

I wasn’t in any discomfort until hours later when the numbing cream started to wear off. My skin began to feel red hot, but ice packs and a mini portable fan were my best friends that evening! By morning, any lingering discomfort had subsided and it was time for my skin to do its thing. Each day my skin healed, it felt like little grains of sand were coming off of my face — an odd but satisfying feeling. The healing process took around 7-10 days, with my T-zone healing the quickest and my neck taking the longest.

My results

It was honestly so impressive to watch my skin heal and transform over the week. The skin that resurfaced was bright and clear, and my face appeared tight and fresh. My complexion had never looked better! My dark spots lightened and I definitely felt my skin texture was softer.

There were still a few stubborn spots lingering, so I went back about six weeks later for my second treatment. By that point, I was excited — if this was how my skin looked after only one session, I couldn’t wait to see what two sessions did! The second time around, the discomfort after treatment was next to nothing. I didn’t even need an ice-pack or mini fan. I also found that my healing this time was a lot quicker. It only took about five days for my face and seven for my neck.

My third treatment yielded a similar experience, but I was so glad I ended up doing it the third time! It was after this session that I could tell a night-and-day difference in my skin. My pores appear smaller, my skin texture has majorly improved and my dark spots are now next to nothing!

How much it costs + if I think it’s worth it

Moxi starts at $700, and you can add on additional areas (like I did on my neck) for $200 each. It’s recommended you do your first sessions 4-6 weeks apart, and then maintenance treatments every 4-6 months. It’s definitely an investment, but honestly, it’s something I’ll probably keep up with.

Overall, I highly recommend trying Moxi if you’re looking for a skin-changing laser treatment with minimal downtime. I found this experience to be incredibly rewarding with both the short- and long-term results. My skin has never looked better, and I feel like I’ve been able to extend the shelf-life of my youthful glow. I am so happy with my results and trust you will be, too!


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