Why Caroline Arapoglou Loves Our BBL Photofacial

Why Caroline Arapoglou Loves Our BBL Photofacial

You might recognize Caroline Arapoglou as Rose Cameron on cult-favorite Netflix series Outer Banks.

With a hectic travel schedule and long days on set, the actress (and Atlantan) sought out Skin Pharm for acne management — and quickly became a fan of our BBL photofacial, a quick and easy light therapy treatment that treats breakouts, lightens sun spots and removes redness, too.

With the season three premiere of Outer Banks fast approaching, we asked Caroline to dish on her Skin Pharm must-haves. We’ll let her take it from here!

Why did you start getting BBL photofacials? What skin concerns were you hoping to treat?

I started getting BBL photofacials in early spring 2022 at the recommendation of my provider, Kathryn. We were using red light to target discoloration (sun spots and leftover acne marks) and blue light to target and zap any active or “on their way” blemishes.

How often do you get a BBL?

When my schedule allows (and I’m organized!), I like to do a BBL every 8-12 weeks. Each time I do it, we’re able to add a little intensity — or “spiciness,” as Kathryn calls it! — to the light therapy to maximize its effectiveness. If I’m breaking out or feel an acne spot coming on, I might go in a little sooner than 8 weeks to zap any blemishes preemptively.

We looove a combo treatment — do you ever stack your BBL with something else?!

My favorite treatment to stack it with is the Gold Infusion facial, which I'm equally obsessed with. The combination of the BBL with the Gold Infusion is what I do if I have an event or a shoot that I want my skin to look extra radiant for.

What changes have you seen in your skin?

The results from the BBL photofacial are QUICK! And there is really no downtime, which I absolutely love. If I get a last-minute audition or my shoot schedule changes, I don’t have to worry that I’ve just done something invasive to my skin.

With a BBL, you can literally *see* the discoloration fall off of your face. Dark spots come to the surface and look like coffee grounds and just sort of dust off your face. It’s so gratifying! I noticed results within a few days from my first treatment. After three treatments, my skin is noticeably brighter and clearer.

How does a BBL photofacial fit into your skin care routine? And on that note, what is your routine?!

Getting a BBL feels like a great maintenance treatment. Because there’s no downtime, it’s a very easy treatment to add to a routine when you need it.

My morning routine is Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, the new Crystal Clear clarifying pads (OMG SO GOOD), Youth Serum, Glow Factor and Brightening Lotion — and I follow it up with the 100% Mineral Tinted SPF! Before bed, I use the Gentle Soothing Cleanser, prescription azelaic acid and Brightening Lotion. (If my skin is feeling dry, I’ll swap Brightening Lotion for Face Whip at night instead.)

Thank you, Skin Pharm, for changing my skin!


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