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All Your Lip Filler Questions — Answered!

All Your Lip Filler Questions — Answered!

Curious about lip filler but have a few questions before you commit?

We sat down with Skin Pharm Atlanta provider, physician assistant and clinical lead Chelsie Rogers to answer her patients’ most frequently asked questions when it comes to lip filler.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is lip filler made of?

All lip fillers consist of a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid — the same component that keeps our skin hydrated and plump. (And a little lidocaine to lessen your discomfort.)

Speaking of discomfort, are lip filler injections painful?

While you may feel tiny pinches, the special topical numbing we use at Skin Pharm is top-notch. We’ll give you a stress ball to squeeze and keep a vibrating t-bar handy to distract you, too. The lidocaine also helps numb as we go!

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Do I also need chin filler?

Upon examination, your provider will determine if more filler is needed to balance the face — this could involve cheek or chin filler in order to prevent your lips from being disproportionate. (Facial balance and harmony is always the goal!)

Can lip filler injections be dissolved or reversed?

Yes! I’m a big proponent of natural, yet pretty — I think all Skin Pharm providers are. (No duck lips walkin’ around here!) If I spot migration or old filler that needs to be removed, we will do that before refilling. To be honest, even well-placed lip filler may need to be dissolved after 3-5 rounds of filler for a fresh start.

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How long does lip filler swelling last?

Days 1-2 you will likely be very swollen. Day 4 is everyone’s favorite — a little bit swollen and plump! By day 7, your initial swelling has resolved, but lip filler will continue to settle for the next 4-6 weeks.

Will I bruise?

Bruising is very common with lip filler injections — especially for first-timers. Due to the vascular nature of lips, bruises do tend to clear quicker here than other areas of the body. Typically, a majority of bruising resolves in a week. Ways to reduce bruising include avoiding alcohol, NSAIDs and fish oil at least three days before your appointments, as well as the day of. Ice packs and arnica can be applied to help reduce bruising, too.

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How many syringes will I need?

We’ll always start with just one syringe per visit. If we want to build lips, we’ll usually bring you back in three months and again six months later if needed. (If you’re happy with your results, annual touchups are perfect!)

How long does lip filler last?

Anywhere from 6 months to years. Yep, years! This all depends on your metabolism and how you process filler. Some patients will return in 6-9 months for another syringe, while others maintain annually. (I have found those who have added syringes over time tend to hold onto that filler a bit longer, so once we “build” your lips to your desired volume, the results will last quite a while.) This also explains why after a few years, we may need to dissolve and re-inject for a fresher look.


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