How to Fix All Your Skin Gripes, Broken Down by Price

How to Fix All Your Skin Gripes, Broken Down by Price

Do you follow our founder, Maegan Griffin, on Instagram?

If you do, you know she spends a lot of time developing effective formulas for the Skin Pharm line and answering questions from followers about the right skin treatments.

Driven by a mission to help patients look and feel good, Maegan leads her team of knowledgeable, approachable providers to advise patients on personalized treatment routines that yield noticeable, yet natural results.

Many patients are curious to know Maegan's daily skin care routine, and we also receive questions about her favorite treatments. Here are five treatments Maegan can’t live without — which also happen to be the most popular at Skin Pharm!


You probably know that Botox is not only a solution to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, but a preventative treatment that keeps those lines and wrinkles from forming in the first place. Maegan is living proof of this, as she started getting Botox at age 24. (Like many people who started Botox early, she feels that she needs Botox less frequently, and in smaller doses.)


Injectables like filler are used to plump lips, enhance cheekbones, strengthen chins, sharpen jawlines and regain lost volume in temples. Fillers can also improve under eye hollowing or darkness, lift eyebrows, erase smile lines and generally improve overall appearance. Yes, they're magical!


In addition to improving skin hydration, texture and firmness, microneedling treatments work wonders on reducing acne scars, lines and wrinkles. These treatments also rejuvenate your skin by encouraging the production of new collagen, elastin and capillaries in the dermis. Bonus? It's pregnancy-safe!


Skin Pharm's Gold Infusion treatment is a cocktail of hydrating antioxidants and vitamins that quickly energize your complexion. Results are visible 1–3 days after treatment and continue to improve over the following 12 weeks after treatment. This is the treatment many refer to as our "red carpet treatment" ahead of award shows and wedding days, too.


This non-invasive, customizable treatment uses high-intensity pulses of visible light to treat unwanted pigment. Improve acne breakouts, lighten sun spots and remove redness with this breezy light therapy treatment. Goodbye uneven skin tone, hello bright, healthy skin!

At Skin Pharm, we want to help you choose the best products and treatments for your skin and your budget.

It’s natural to assume there’s a hefty price tag attached to amazing results. However, our products are treatments might be more affordable than you think! While the saying “Cheap cosmetic treatments are never good, and good cosmetic treatments are never cheap” holds true, there are some fantastic options available that won’t break the bank.

Here are a few of our favorite game-changers. (They're all under $1,000!)


Why live with wrinkles when they can so easily be treated? Botox and Dysport ($13/unit) smooth fine lines and wrinkles including forehead lines, frown lines, glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), laugh and lip lines and crow’s feet (around the outer eye areas).


For $400, spring for our Gold Infusion facial, an easy lunchtime treatment that results in brighter, plumper and glowing skin within minutes.


Tired of dull skin? Choose between a signature microneedling or BBL photofacial treatment for $500, depending on your skin concerns.


Depending on age and desired results, you may want to consider adding fillers to your skin care routine. Juvederm and Restylane work wonders to regain lost volume as we age. Fillers also smooth fine lines and wrinkles and give a natural-looking fullness to cheeks, lips and other areas of the face.

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