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What Is a Facial + Why Do You Need One?

What Is a Facial + Why Do You Need One?

Facials are more than just your mother’s clay mask.

The science of this specific skin care treatment has evolved significantly, especially over the last several decades. What is a facial and why do you need one? The answers may surprise you!

So, what exactly is a facial?

A facial isn’t a single treatment or skin care product, but an entire family. (They’re also the second most popular requested treatment at spas nationwide.) It’s more than just hype, though. 

Facials have earned their place in skin care routines worldwide because they offer a diverse set of benefits. 

As a whole, facials are defined as just a beauty treatment performed on the face. The goals of a facial may vary, but they are mainly directed at invigorating, exfoliating or treating the skin — both specific concerns and your overall appearance. 

Are facials expensive?

Facials might seen either too cheap or too expensive, but the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Like any skin care product, you can find facials in nearly any price category. If you’re looking to save a little money by performing your facials at home, there are at-home facials that are effective without breaking the bank.

If you prefer to have your facials done by a professional, some options can help you reach your skin care goals. While these treatments are more expensive than an at-home facial, they offer more immediate results.

What can facials do for me?

Like most categories of skin care products and treatments, there is something for everyone. Facials are the same, and you can surely find a facial that’ll help you treat nearly any skin concern you may struggle with.

Here are just some of the skin care concerns facials can help manage:

  • Aging, sagging skin
  • Loss of firmness
  • Blemishes and breakouts
  • Dark spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • Redness
  • Dullness
  • Clogged pores
  • Uneven skin tone

If your concern isn’t on that list, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a facial that can help take it on! Ask our providers about your skin issue and have them work with you to develop a unique, customized plan to tackle them and reach your goals. 

A facial you can do at home

Let’s start with products you can use from the comfort of your own home.


Clay is a classic facial ingredient. It can help detox the skin, clear out debris and leave the skin looking firmer and more radiant. We use that impressive power in our Clay Time, which adds proven ingredients like salicylic acid and charcoal to up the ante. Clay Time will soothe, cleanse and exfoliate your skin — with a calming lavender scent, too.

Finish your routine with our Crystal Clear clarifying toner pads, which can help sweep the dead skin cells off the skin’s surface once you’re done. It’s crucial to note that no at-home facial should start without thoroughly washing your face. If you slap a mask on dirty skin, it’s like trying to take a shower with your clothes on.

Washing your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm (not hot) water helps open up your pores, allowing the mask to penetrate even deeper into your skin.

Cosmetic treatment facials

What is a facial? So much more than just an over-the-counter skin care product you can buy for a few bucks. Case in point — our lineup of cosmetic facial treatments. Each offers a slightly different way to use facials to address your specific concerns.


First up, a BBL photofacial. Using high-intensity pulsed broadband light that our providers direct to specific targeted areas of the skin, the BBL photofacial tackles a wide range of concerns. 

Dark spots (also referred to as hyperpigmentation), blemishes, loose, crepey skin and redness are some of the skin care issues that a BBL photofacial addresses. 

Arguably, the best part about these facials is that they can be performed quickly (sometimes in just 20 minutes), and many of our patients experience immediate results. There is also minimal downtime associated with the BBL photofacial, and you can apply makeup and go back to work immediately after having one done. 


Gold is beautiful and expensive, perfect for wearing around your neck or finger. But that’s not all gold is good for, especially when it comes to skin care. The Gold Infusion facial harnesses the power of gold and uses it to make your skin care dreams come true. 

The Gold Infusion facial uses a customized stamping method to deliver a cocktail of hydrating ingredients, antioxidants and even Botox just beneath the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and colors and can be used to target scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin. 


If you’ve been on social media in the last few years, you’ve likely seen someone talking about the “vampire” facial. While it may sound intimidating or like something out of a horror movie, this cosmetic treatment is way more beneficial — and less bloody.

While it’s true that the key ingredient of the vampire facial comes from blood, it’s likely not what you think. The true hero is platelet-rich plasma (or PRP), a product that comes from centrifuging your own blood. It can then be injected under the skin or used with a needling treatment, which uses a special tool to create tiny puncture wounds.

In skin care, we use PRP to target nearly any skin rejuvenating concern imaginable. 

To sum things up...

What is a facial? It’s far more complex than people often give it credit for. You can even combine the at-home facial with one (or more) of our cosmetic facial treatments to make your skin brighter, clearer and more radiant than ever before. 

Start with a skin consultation with one of our passionate providers, who can guide you toward the products and treatments that will work best for your unique skin. 


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