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Filler FAQ: All Your Questions, Answered!

Filler FAQ: All Your Questions, Answered!

New to filler injections? We’re answering all your questions!

If you’re considering filler or getting ready for an upcoming appointment, you might have some questions — so we sat down with Skin Pharm Nashville provider Kevin Griffin to get the answers! Keep reading to learn all the facts about filler.

What is filler? 

Typically when we talk about “fillers,” we’re referring to hyaluronic acid fillers (although they can be created from other ingredients as well). Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugary, gel-like substance our body produces naturally. In the skin, HA is necessary for maintaining a more hydrated, plump and youthful appearance. HA fillers are created from a synthetic gel-like form of HA meant to mimic our own body’s natural HA and restore volume or rejuvenate skin when injected.

How long does filler last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years, depending on many different factors. These factors include injection location, technique, type of filler used, the specific filler’s G-prime, and the individual patient’s metabolism.

What is G-Prime?

G’ (or G-prime) is a term you’ll hear injectors use to describe the thickness, plasticity or lifting capacity of different types of filler. Essentially, how hard, soft, thick or thin a filler is determines where it would work best in the face. Fillers with higher G’ are often used in areas that need heftier structural support whereas fillers with lower G’ are often used in areas that need lighter hydration or rejuvenation.

What can I expect during and after a filler appointment?

If you haven’t had a consultation appointment yet, you’ll meet with your provider and discuss a treatment plan that works to achieve your goals. If you opt to get filler at this same appointment, you’ll likely numb the skin near the point of injection, depending on location. We’ll have a stress ball and vibrating T-bar handy to help distract and calm you. We also offer honey packets for a quick sugar boost if you need it! Post-filler appointment, you may notice some slight bruising and swelling to certain areas, especially lips. We’ll walk you through instructions for taking care of the area so your filler can settle exactly where it’s placed.

What can I do to prepare for a filler appointment? 

We recommend taking good care of your skin and routinely using Skin Pharm products. You may want to avoid taking supplements or medications that can thin the blood (NSAIDs like Advil, fish oil, turmeric, etc. unless otherwise indicated by your doctor) or alcoholic beverages to reduce bruising.

Can filler be dissolved? 

HA fillers can be dissolved or degraded using an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. We have this product in all of our clinics, as it is part of any injector’s emergency protocol in case of possible vessel occlusion. However, it's oftentimes used to dissolve previously placed product that has migrated or is preventing the look we are trying to achieve with newly placed filler. Sometimes it’s better to start over with a fresh palette before injecting again, but this is a conversation we’ll have during your appointment!

Where can filler be placed? 

Filler can be placed almost anywhere in the face, but it's most often used either to enhance the lips, jawline, cheeks or chin, or to replace volume in areas such as the mid-face, area around the mouth, pre-jowl region or temples.

How many syringes of filler do I need? 

This depends on what you’re trying to achieve, as well as your timeline and budget. Sometimes patients only need one syringe at their visit to enhance something like lips, and sometimes patients may get multiple syringes in one visit for full facial balancing. We’ll discuss this during your consultation so you know exactly what to expect!

How much does filler cost? 

It depends on where you’re having filler placed, what type of filler will be used, and how many syringes are required to achieve the desired look. This can be estimated and answered at a consultation visit with your provider. Individual syringes range from $750-$900.

What am I waiting for?

I’m not sure! Book now to make your filler appointment ASAP :)


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