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Bye Bye, Tired Eyes: How to Treat Your Under Eyes with Microneedling

Bye Bye, Tired Eyes: How to Treat Your Under Eyes with Microneedling

Microneedling continues to gain popularity.

It has a wide range of benefits and can provide similar results to the more invasive cosmetic products without downtime. 

But is microneedling under eyes a possibility? How does it work? Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures — like microneedling, Botox and other injectables, are our specialty at Skin Pharm

We’d love to give you all the information that you need about microneedling, as well as how it can benefit some of the more common under-eye concerns.

Why should I focus on my under-eye area?

Many concerns get specific attention from the skin care industry, but none more than focusing on the under-eye area. But why?

A lot of it comes down to the specific anatomy of the skin there. 

The skin around the eye area is the thinnest skin on the entire body. That also makes it extremely delicate because it has far less “backup” to rely on. It still has all three layers – epidermis, dermis and hypodermis – but the entire thickness only totals about 0.5mm. Due to this, the eye area is where most of the visible signs of aging occur first.

That includes common complaints like:

  • Dark circles
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging
  • Bags

Each of those complaints stems from different biological processes that we’re all subject to at some point in our lives.

Dark under-eye circles, for instance, are more visible as we age. With less collagen in the under-eye area, the fat layer can sag lower on the face. That’s what creates that “hollow” look. 

Genetics, stress, lifestyle choices, alcohol and dehydration can also play a part. 

How to manage under-eye concerns...

The most common way that people tend to manage their under-eye concerns is with concealer and eye creams. While both may work to a point, neither can “reverse” visible signs of aging.

Concealer can be a tremendous aesthetic fix, but it can also be tough to match appropriately. There are a few tricks for finding one, but our favorite is to find a concealer color that is the same as the skin between the side of your nose and the apple of your cheek. You’ll want to gently dab it onto your skin instead of rubbing it, as well. 

The other problem with under-eye concealer is that it tends to settle into the creases in the area. That can worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and make you look older than before. 

There are also skin care products, like Eye Sculpt, that specifically target the under-eye area. They are helpful because they were designed for many concerns, such as:

  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness
  • Fine lines 

It is an excellent way to help maintain the skin there, especially after having treatments performed. As great as eye creams are, though, they’re not miracle workers all on their own. 

Okay, so what is microneedling?

Microneedling is a very simple, effective and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure – and one that we do in-clinic. It is generally used for overall skin rejuvenation, including many common anti-aging concerns. 

It involves having a tool with tiny needles applied to the surface of the skin. This creates hundreds of controlled, invisible puncture wounds. Those wounds trigger the body to speed up its production of collagen and elastin by essentially “tricking” it. 

An increase in those things can help fight off the fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation. It can also help to break up existing scar tissue.

Microneedling is also considered to be one of the safer cosmetic procedures out there. It’s an excellent alternative to many of the other procedures due to its quick recovery period, limited side effects and significant clinical results. 

What is the microneedling process like?

After a consultation, treatment starts with the application of numbing cream to the skin. That significantly reduces the discomfort that you may experience during the process. Once the numbing cream has set in, the tool is used on the skin to create those punctures that make microneedling so effective. The time treatment lasts will depend on how much of the skin is being targeted. 

Once treatment is finished, it’s best to wait at least 24 hours before you apply makeup. We also provide you with a post-procedure skin care kit that you’ll use for one to three days after treatment. 

This includes a cleanser that you’ll use morning and evening and Recovery Lotion for keeping the skin moisturized without increasing sensitivity. 

Using microneedling under your eyes

But how does using microneedling under eyes work?

Just like using microneedling on the rest of the face, microneedling under the eyes also tricks the body into stepping up its production of collagen and elastin. This can be especially useful in this area, as one of the main factors that contribute to visible issues is a lack of volume. 

Ultimately, while we may be able to cover up a lot of the main under-eye complaints with external treatments, true change happens from the inside out. 

When microneedling is used in the under-eye area, the depth is often adjusted so that the needles don’t go as deeply into the skin. The results are the same, but the depth is adjusted due to how delicate the area is. That’s why microneedling should always be performed by a licensed, trained and experienced provider. It maximizes the potential results while minimizing the risks. 

We recommend adding PRP, too!

One of the best additions to any microneedling treatment is platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. PRP is a product that comes from your blood and is separated using a centrifuge. When used in microneedling, the PRP can be either applied directly to the skin’s surface.

The science behind it is related to the regenerative properties that it can hold. It works similarly to microneedling by stimulating the body to produce more collagen to heal the areas where it is applied to. 

When you have a way to create additional collagen and increase circulation in the under-eye area, it can significantly minimize the issues you experience. Also, if you’re concerned about trying filler, PRP offers a way to get similar results while using a product that isn’t considered a “foreign” material. 

If you have had issues with reactions with filler in the past, you may want to give PRP a try.

How quickly will you notice results?

After your microneedling treatment is complete, you should expect to see redness and experience some sensitivity for around 24 hours. Once that has been resolved, results are usually noticeable within a week. 

But the best part is, results will continue to improve overtime as well. However, for more significant issues, it may take multiple treatments for you to achieve your best results. 

With a diligent focus on your lifestyle and skin care routine, the results you get with microneedling under the eyes can be permanent. Don’t stop using your under-eye cream or moisturizer, though.

While you may not need it to treat your under-eye concerns any longer, it is still essential to keep that area hydrated. This ensures that the under-eye area can stay as resilient as possible. 

Avoid home microneedling treatments!

While there are home microneedling tools out there, it’s best to leave treatment to the professionals. This is especially true for the delicate under-eye area. 

Although the tools sold over the counter can puncture less deeply into the skin, there is still far more potential for damage when you do it yourself. In addition, it’s impossible to get the same level of sterilization at home as can be obtained in a medical environment. 

That means, every time you use a home microneedling tool, you have a greater risk of infection. It’s just not worth it, and the results you’ll get won’t be as impressive as the results you can get from an advanced practice provider.

To wrap things up...

Microneedling under the eyes is probably the most effective treatment option you haven’t considered. It can help to reduce the visibility of under-eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Instead of spending money on expensive treatments and products that don’t always work as well as they promise, microneedling, especially when combined with PRP, is as effective as it claims.

When you’re ready to see it for yourself, book a skin consult or appointment at Skin Pharm.  


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